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  1. epic higor adventure

    épic ike

  2. the game runs at 5 fps in my pc ¯_ (ツ) _/¯

  3. It took you guys 8/9 years. I went through an entire chunk of my teenage to young adult life waiting for you. You finally came!

  4. I started playing SSF2 back when I was in 5th grade, I just finished 11th grade… it’s so crazy to see how far this fangame has gone :’^)

  5. I think Mcleodgaming will have more fun in this project now cause no one will hate on them anymore

  6. Seriously, this should go to steam

  7. As nerdy as this sounds, my school had money tournaments for this game in our library, and I always got first place. I even coded my own macro for multi-shining for fox. I’m glad that there’s an update, because there were so many bugs and shit. It feels a lot floatier and jumpy, and at the same time a bit slower. You can’t up tilt spam anymore 🙁

  8. <3 This is amazing

    Still needs Wolf, Snake, and Ice Climbers tho

  9. We. Like. Ike.

  10. *T H E L E G E N D A R Y*
    *S A N D B A G*


  12. I can’t wait to use my GameCube controller!

    *Realizes I have the Nintendo adapter*


  13. Excellent, I’m so excited, I cannot wait for SSF3 now.

  14. I think I’m the only one who kinda wants vegeta, meh.

  15. number number one

    is ssf2 done

  16. I just got out of school today and I am ready to play some SSF2 Beta! I was so hyped for this to be released!

  17. Crusade Fans: SSF and SSF2 Sucks! Play Crusade!!!!
    *Finds out that Devs are making SSF2 Beta*
    *Crusade fans slowly turn to SSF2 Beta*
    *Crusade slowly dies*

  18. why is a random Waddle Dee in this roster? might as well have put in a Goomba with a fedora wielding a axe or an Octorok with a snapback wielding an bat.

  19. “December 2017” Me: Oh… 🙁

    “NOW” Me: OH SHIT!!!!

  20. I’ve always wanted to kick ass as a sand bag

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