Animal Crossing Direct 11.2.2016

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  2. I was hoping for skin tones so I can be black

  3. Chester A. Bum presents
    Animal Crossing Direct!

  4. Nintendo Geek Clayton

    I started to scream when he played kk bossa

  5. Animal Crossing New Leaf just got so much better, Thanks Nintendo

  6. 5:35 Wow, Ike really let himself go after Radiant Dawn

  7. Jose Andres Flores Saavedra

    I wont sell my town.. no way.. XD
    But I do want more inventory.. I NEED IT!!!

  8. please make animal crossing nx

  9. PUZZLE LEAGUE! HOLY CRAP! PUZZLE LEAGUE NEWS! (I might be the only one who
    is excited to see anything related to Puzzle League at this point, but holy
    crap, as a long-time fan of the series, this is better than nothing!)

  10. I’m betting the campground is a 1 million bell public works project.

  11. Has anyone had any problems with updating the downloaded version of new
    leaf? I’m kinda paranoid of getting a data corruption…

  12. i’m all for ganon visiting my town (when i get one of those amiibo pad
    things) but what about mewtwo? because….y’know…..mewtwo <3

  13. Can someone help me find the song at the end it’s so calming

  14. Marco Herrera Chico

    back to making my virtual life better than my actual life

  15. BlazeHeartPanther Blaze

    Tgis must have been a fun video to put together by the creator of the

  16. I loved to see Splatoon and more Zelda in this game. Thanks Nintendo!!

  17. That One Awkward Guy

    How do I sell my town? I don’t want to accidentally delete my town without
    money, and no guides exist right now.

  18. I really need to stop procrastinating and buy this game already.

  19. Oh boy. Wolf Link is in the game. LIKE if you know what this means for next
    Friday… hint Nintendo Minute + Krysta’s W. Link fetish

  20. This is one of the most awkward and yet awesome things I’ve ever seen lol.
    One question, how the frick do I get Medli?!?!

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