After 500 days… IT’S BACK!

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Fortnite Update, memes and funny moments!

Hey there – I’m Ali-A! I make Fortnite videos on everything new – Updates, live events, new skins and more. Thanks – Enjoy the video! πŸ˜€


βž– Ali-A Fortnite Maps! βž–
πŸ”¨ Ali-A Gun Game! – 9378-2655-7894
πŸ”¨ Ali-A World! – 6799-0061-6728
πŸ”¨ Ali-A Box Fight 1v1 – 2345-5663-8681
πŸ”¨ Ali-A Box Fight 2v2 to 5v5 – 2066-1508-4270
πŸ”¨ Ali-A Box Fight 16 Players – 0354-3907-1263
πŸ”¨ Ali-A Box Fight 16 (Respawn) – 7211-0450-1109

βž– Follow me!
βž– The equipment I use!

– Ali-A

Video uploaded & owned by Ali-A. (PG, Family Friendly + No Swearing!)


  1. Can I get a shoutout plsss btw luv your videos

  2. ALI-A can you play goat simulator and play every dlc plz i will use code Ali-A

  3. Here in 17 hours

  4. I saw it yesterday

  5. Eternal_Yung_Boy_98

    The red balloon used to scare me because I was just a kid when I started playing

  6. It took me 1 try to get the lil whip special serve

  7. ・your non favorite person πŸ‘γƒ»

    Thanks for makeing my day every day when you post

  8. CWTheFlash33⚑️

    I hope chapter 3 season 4 is marvel theme because I love marvel and i miss the marvel battle pass from chapter 2 season 4

  9. can u put icecreams in tents that would be broken if u can

  10. Ali a thank you so much thank you for putting Mikey in the callback thank you

  11. Hey Ali a I had surgery I was watching you and my other favourite YouTuber you was the best all love from liam❀️

  12. I think it should be called Slurp-Spray and Med-Mist

  13. Ethan luke gaming


  14. Ethan luke gaming


  15. Rylie πŸ”₯ 34 y.0 -check My V!deo

    Keep up the content Alia

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  17. Check my new video

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