A Difficult Game About Climbing – Part 2

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I thought this game would be easy… turns out climbing is hard no matter what.

Play the Game ► https://store.steampowered.com/app/2497920/A_Difficult_Game_About_Climbing/


  1. Aye sh!t, here we go again

  2. @smuglookinganimegirl3558

    10:30 mark changing the 5 stages of grief into 4 stages of grief

  3. 1:41 – And so it begins

  4. @kozynthetaquito5506

    Mark don’t you use a Razer basilisk? i have one too and it does the same thing where held inputs get cancelled, but i only really play games where that doesn’t matter. i think it’s just the mouse

  5. @everlastingsummer7804

    The amount of times he goes from pure anger to “..Hm.” astonish me

  6. RAGE TIME!!!

  7. Under 1 hour gang

  8. @samuelmckay9648

    Well, I suggest we all pray for Mark’s current chair to survive.

  9. 4:16:55 1 Like = 1 Pushup 🥺

  10. The more frustrated he gets, the worse and more impatient his gameplay. Good job in getting to the next area king, you’ll surely keep going part 3 😅

  11. Mark, is lixian your favorite editor you’ve ever had?!

  12. Rage alert. Rage alert 😅. I love it.

  13. Love watching these games. I just worry for Marks heart.

  14. Yeeey part 2…. yeeeey

  15. “The exarch of reproduction” aight folks Markiplier is the new CEO of sex confirmed

  16. Ah.
    The smell of another chair being flung around the room.


  18. ….The Prophecy WAS true!!!

  19. @the_falcon0power150

    History majors are statistically more likely to have a legal black powder weapon

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