15th Kaplanniversary Special

pls read description: this is not the usual type of jeff video.

this is a video, produced for the team, commemorating Jeff’s 15 year anniversary at blizzard. they flew me out to blizzard hq to be there to join the celebration, which was a lot of fun! a video for a giveaway of some signed stuff will be following shortly.

but i still wanted to upload it here for completeness, and also so you guys know why i haven’t released a video in a while. i aim to upload a regular style video soon! thanks for your patience, may jeff bless you all.

for context:
– Green hills of stranglethorn: by his own admission, the worst quest jeff has ever produced
– WoW voice chat: badly implemented and not really used by anybody, acknowledged by blizzard as a poor feature
– Matt Hawley: employee at blizzard, worked with jeff on WoW voice chat, now part of the overwatch team.



  2. pls read the description xxx

  3. Absolutely smashing!

  4. WHEN DINOFLASK UPLOADS!!! Kreygasm PogChamp

  5. If you look closely you can tell this video is edited

  6. That is insane that you got into Blizzard HQ and meet Jeff in person!

  7. Wow they flew you out to blizzard that’s pretty awesome

  8. Responsibility shift..
    that sounds dangerous

  9. Mehmet Akın Sarıca

    dinoflask was an inside job.


  11. That was a lot of fun. That said, I don’t like having the subtitles always there; i’d much rather prefer being able to turn them on/off using the Youtube feature. Otherwise, I find that I constantly have to look away from the subtitles in order not the “spoil” what he’s going to say (and the fun of these videos is of course hearing him say it, and not just reading what someone could come up with).

  12. wow i’m glad they invited you out to blizzard hq to celebrate with them, it’s nice to know the developers at blizzard love and pay attention to their fans like this.

  13. It’s so awesome that Blizzard acknowledged you! I look forward to more of your videos soon, but the wait for this one alone was well worth it. That poor “nobody” xD I’m still laughig about it and I can’t breathe…

    P.S. Do you think you could move the subtitles to YouTube’s own CC next time please? It’s much more fun to hear Jeff say crazy things than it is to see them first (I had to cover the bottom part of the screen throughout this video as a result :P)

  14. We all know the guys at Blizzard HQ gathered the entire Overwatch team to sit down and watch this.

  15. Here before it goes viral

  16. I think we need to nerf Responsibility Shift by increasing its cool down.

  17. 2:36
    “I will grow more powerful over time”
    Do you think we should be concerned about this?

  18. You’re not making my anniversary a cash grab, right?

  19. *Makes shitposting videos about the lead developer of a big game*
    *Gets flown out to meet and greet with the company*
    After I finish shitposting all I get greeted with is a wall of text telling me to commit suicide and shame.

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