TOP 4 UNKNOWN Places to Land for LOOT and EASY WINS (Fortnite Battle Royale) | Tips and Tricks

Welcome the best 4 unknown land get EASY WINS in ! In these trips and , follow these paths correctly and end up with plenty of kills and !


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Thanks to the friends/Youtubers for helping me get this insane amount of clips to be able to put this vid together:

About :

Fortnite is an first-person poot and toot. Be careful not to get attacked by the giant cupcakes as you defend yourself from the incoming wave of small children. Choose from an assortment of pew pews such as the water gun, the musket, the blunderbus, and the musketbus. Build huge pantries to store all your turquoise valuables and remain vigilant while enemies tickle your weenus. Type MOIST into the comments if you are for some reason still reading this nonsense.


  1. favorite place to land : Flush Factory. I just love the way the place is built and how you can play mindgames with people over there + very good loot if you go towards north afterwards ^_^ keep it up.

  2. My favorite place to land is the factory in between retail row and dusty depot. (The one chimney house to be exact) 🙂

  3. Disbanded Pufferfish

    Well now everyone knows

  4. SomeMoreBdaboss 333

    I like landing at the secret house/broken barn combo at the top of the map

  5. Pleasant park

  6. Mansion behind wailing woods

  7. Pubg by Walt disney is fortnite

  8. Lot lake Gang

  9. This guy needs a medal
    My favorite place is moisty mire

  10. I subbed!
    Favorite place to land is probably:
    Tomato town (for secret chest in tunnel)

  11. Mine is cargo me and friend came first 4 times ina row at the cargi

  12. The ocean 😐

  13. I love landing at Fatal Fields because it gives great loot!

  14. Nightcore over 9000

    Lonely lodge cuz i have no Friends

  15. Moisty mire

  16. Not anymore

  17. Is the old farm house

  18. My favourite place to drop is anarchy acres

  19. sKinJItsu Richback

    Dusty Depot is da best…. trust me

  20. And it’s known now

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