ZOMBIES ON A PLANE – A Bit Late To The Meme Party

There is nothing good to say about any of this. THIS IS TWENTY BLOODY DOLLARS!


  1. Is this the sequel to Air Control?!

  2. I think air control 2 looks great, i dont know what you are talking about

  3. Too soon, man. Too soon.

  4. What’s next, snakes?
    On a boat?

  5. The plane is suitablly intense, at least. credit where credit is due.

  6. bulletproofblouse

    Resurrected, undead memes.

  7. Still more gameplay and artistic control than a (insert name of litigious
    “developer” here) game. (I couldn’t bring myself to say “studio” – that
    would imply effort, skill and actual pride not simply a shovel and $100 for

  8. It’s ironic because there’s an actual zombies on a plane movie

  9. This proves zombie virus is airborne.

  10. I just want to point out that the zombies actually seem to be entering the
    plane at first from the exterior, by bashing through one of the doors.
    Which means they didn’t originate on the plane. So, can they fly? At the
    speed of a commercial aircraft? Is that how they got here? Or were hundreds
    of zombies just stuck all over the exterior of the plane before take-off,
    and no one noticed?

    Also, why is this huge plane flying with no living passengers on it? If
    we’re meant to assume the zombies are the former passengers, shouldn’t they
    all be on the inside of the plane from the get-go? What the hell are they
    doing out there?

    And what kind of zombies have the desire — let alone the mechanical
    expertise — to know what points to attack on the plane in order to take it

    And why the hell are so many zombies in straight jackets!?

  11. Plissken Armitage

    Enough is enough! I have HAD IT with these monkey fighting memes, on these
    Monday to Friday games!

    I’ll show myself out.

  12. Adam Poole (animeguy4ever)

    zombies on a plane? more like shit on a plane

  13. I would suggest making it so the debris and flapping curtains start slow
    and get more chaotic as more doors are broken down, but judging by the rest
    of the game I’m guessing the devs don’t know how to do that and also
    probably don’t speak English so I’ve just wasted my time.

  14. Jackson’s nationality is “black american”…wtf

  15. i dont get it. how are there zoombies…on a plane? i would uinderstand if
    the zombies were the former passagers but they seem to just come out of

  16. I’ll give the creator credit for 1 thing: The zombies do look creepy (for
    all the wrong reasons)

  17. I feel fucking ill

  18. Oh lol upgrade from a Deagle to a 92FS ahhhh well…

  19. The game costs about 20 dollars… There’s dlc for this game… It costs
    about 32 dollars Canadian…. Each… An the soundtrack if I remember

  20. Michael desLauriers

    Concept has potential; defend the plane against increasing hordes in a
    tight space whilst also trying to keep the plane going. Unfortunately they
    took the lamest route possible.

  21. that ending line, HAH! XD

  22. The balls on these devs, man. 20 dollars? For this? I could use that money
    to buy like three different games with various discounts and sales, all of
    which I could sink hours and hours into, but you devs expect me to put that
    money towards this instead? There’s barely even 3 dollars worth of content
    here, and what little there is sucks like a black hole.

  23. Hey Jim got a new skateboard for Easter wanna see it?

  24. finite people to become zombies, and fresh bag human bits wouldn’t be able
    to break down those door without serious tools, and firing a gun on a
    plane? I cannot get past the absurdity of standing on top of a jet liner
    going 300-600mph in thinner air than the summit of mt everest. nope. nope.
    nope. nope.

  25. Rodrigo Cardoso Buske

    I am from Brazil, so I was like
    “hum… Defenda cabine do piloto… Defenda a parte de fora…. wait, is
    that on portuguese? why is that on portuguese? oh god, that can’t be a good
    sign if he couldn’t even change the language”

  26. ah Dead Air the game, only worse

  27. Wait, the zombies are coming from outside a flying plane? I assume this is
    another asset flip too? Old memes, zombies, and asset flips. They went all
    out with this one.

  28. I have no issues at all with the spin on zombi lore here. I’m surprised Jim
    wasn’t a bit more open minded about it. He doesn’t strike me as the
    traditional sort. That aside the gameplay looked horrendous. The premise
    shows some promise but not for entire game.

  29. It’s like Air Control had a baby with The Slaughtering Grounds and gave it
    for adoption in Brazil.

  30. Jesus Christ this is terrifying! Lets make the devs of this cancer feel bad
    and quit videogame development forever! Make Pewdepie play it!

  31. look like a cod zombies plagiarism

  32. @1:00: How did that zombie enter the fast moving plane? Was she able to

  33. F*** Steam….

  34. You should take a look at interstellar marines. It has a smaller community,
    but its a good looking immersive shooter with a lot of awesome stuff. it
    still gets updates and would like to hear what you think of it.

  35. worst. username. ever.

    Still looks better than any Digital Homicide game… anyone gonna sue me?

  36. BR SHIT, nothing new!

    Funny how these people cant learn languages for shit!

    Only good thing that comes from brazil is hookers and still…

  37. Is that the same plane used in Chasing Dead?

  38. TOMYSSHADOW Plays Games

    We already had this, it’s called Air Control.

  39. All aboard the Brazilian meme train! 😀 On a side note, I haven’t seen any
    two-bit Steam games in Spanish yet, but loads of them in Portuguese. What
    the hell. :v

  40. Devs where too cheap to add a second wing to the plane.

  41. hahah, both pilots hangin dead out of the window and jim asks, can’t I
    repair this? xD

  42. I got to say considering that cabin doors has been ripped from the plane it
    is surprisingly stable in its flight.

  43. Dat ending doe. MA-MA-MAXIMUM SASS

  44. So CoD Zombies meets Snakes on a Plane meets a pile of shit?

  45. game of the year

  46. Unreal Engine: Only for the classiest of asset flips.

  47. The fact they think a plane can fly without a tail is hilarious.

  48. I’ve had it with these monkey fightin’ zombies on this monday to friday

  49. Is this a sub-par DH game by any chance?

  50. rofl the zombies defy all laws of physics

  51. He called it a meme instead of calling it cynical. Changing it up on us

  52. Sean “DeViLzzz” DeMarco

    Jim I think the games looks playable. Also the developer behind this game
    is very active in the forums in trying to answer people’s questions and is
    asking for feedback which is different than other Steam developers. In
    regards to the language menu issue I believe they have fixed it or are in
    the process of doing so. Anyway to me I thought there was some stuff to
    like about the game and look forward to seeing what the developer does with
    future patches for it.

  53. I’m impressed with how well made the environment looks. It’s very
    atmospheric. The zombies maybe not so much

  54. According to this game, decompression doesn’t exist.

  55. Well… At least the cloth physics looks good..?

  56. *Air Control™ 2:* Zombies on a Plane

  57. Yet more steam trash.

  58. are all these brazilian games by the same developer??

  59. they didnt even change the shell origin for ads dear god

  60. All this did was remind me of the movie ‘Flight of the Living Dead:
    Outbreak on a Plane’.
    Honestly, wasn’t bad as far as zombie direct-to-video flicks go.

  61. Irrelevant Gaming Channel

    Did you happen to notice the DLC for this? Yes, they fucking have DLC for
    this shit that costs nearly double the price of the game itself….. holy
    fucking shit, im even ashamed to speak the same language as these assholes.

  62. with a bit of polish, this could be a decent game in fact.

  63. When your gun flashes take up 90% of the screen

  64. You should always mention the price

  65. Why is it when I search for Jim Sterling on youtube, first two results are
    from the guy called MundaneMatt and TheKnow? I came here looking for Jim
    Sterling and what the shit is this? This is unacceptable. The first thing I
    should see when I search for Jim Sterling on youtube should be, surprise,
    Jim Sterling! Not TheKnow! Who the fuck they think they are, to take that
    place from Jim??? This is unacceptable, and in this case even illegal!!
    Fucking piss off, mate!

  66. Lolz that flying bit is really surreal. Would be great to play after a
    messy night out with friends.

  67. I hate how in almost all zombie games every object in the whole world is
    built out of soggy newspapers. Seriously how can zombies break LOCKED doors
    open while the freaking plane is going 400+ MPH!

  68. I find it interesting that the preview for our character (Samuel L) Jackson
    is using the shotgun model from Half-Life 2…

  69. Andre “Omegazed” Ivanovich

    looks good XD

  70. Why the fuck do games like this even exist? Who is this garbage even
    targeted at? What’s the niche? What’s the point?

  71. remove zombies, it could be a fine atmospheric level. Probably it could be
    extended to a sort of survival game

  72. lel guys im TIRED of this moetherfucking zombies on this mother fucking
    plane!! xD top kek hola hola get horda

    pendejo muerte

  73. Dude i love your videos but sometimes youre complaining about completely
    obvious things. Like of course you lost control of the plane, you lost the
    pilots cabin after losing the components. for someone who has made gaming
    his lifeblood i would expect this to be obvious to ya

  74. what a mysterious jogo

  75. I suspect that in the second mode you actually control zombies, not the

  76. Jim, you have lost all control surfaces on the airplane. How do you want to
    control an airplane without ailerons, elevator and rudder? :P

  77. I’m not interested in any XBO exclusives.

  78. Yikes… gotta love when a concept that would provide maybe one below-par
    level at best is stretched out into a “full” game… and that’s before we
    get into how atrocious it all is.

  79. only question i keep asking myself. how the fuck do these zombies get on
    the fucking plane o.O

  80. The funny thing about this game is there are 3 DLCs which cost 27€ ea

  81. If it was for free wasn´t so bad…the greatest problem is the language,
    because most pple dont read portuguese and dont understand the creator tips

  82. Vanderson Milagre

    Wait, the is entirely in portuguese.

  83. Hey Jim, is this memes?

  84. “Apologies if I’m not on top form today … Let’s just say the weekend saw
    decisions made.”

    I really hope that’s due to celebration otherwise I might have to lose *all*
    of my faith in humanity.

  85. Oh Brazil… You are hilarious.

  86. still looks better then killing floor

  87. Mephiste Sulfurion

    I really like the Deagle sounds they got.

    “Pop! Pop! Pop!”

  88. all the DLC is £62 lmfao

  89. He’s holding that gun very close to his face when you aim…

  90. Is nobody going to explain how the fuck zombies just appear and destroy
    aeroplane doors MID FLIGHT…Like..what

  91. This is the plane from Chasing Dead, isn’t it?

  92. air control 2: makes more sense but is still shit

  93. The DLCs include a Santa skin for 28€. No, it doesn’t include aything else.
    Just let that sink in.

  94. Goddammit Brazil.

  95. I haven’t seen anyone say this but this movie does exist (
    http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0780583/ ) its called “flight of the living

  96. And why are there straight jacket zombies on a plane?

  97. A bit late to the Christmas party too. They have a Santa DLC (which costs
    more money of course) in case you’re still celebrating three months after
    all the tinsel came down.

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