ZOMBIE TOWN AHHH – Exactly The Game Nobody Needed

If you wanted the perfect example of a nobody could ever need, this might be it.


  1. They forgot the Z at the end.

  2. Open world, zombies, minecraft knock-off – the unholy trinity of games design

  3. Wow, a Zombie game with a Minecraft artstyle? Why had nobody ever thought of that before?

  4. Whats next? Grand Theft Auto DUUUUUUUUHHHHH or Elder Scrolls WOOOOOOOOOHHHHHHH.

  5. Thomas Middleton

    I’d be down to watch you play a game you like Jim. Only speaking for myself this particular well is quite dry.

  6. Couldn’t even make ten minutes.

    Story of my life.

  7. Jim I followed your advice and now my dick is stuck in a tree

  8. The Last of Us 2 looks amazing

  9. There's a starman waiting in the sky

    This is just Unturned… but shit.

  10. Even the best games in the 90s were twenty MB or less.

    The fun per MB (fpm) ratio is rather low.

  11. People still play unturned

  12. “the video was really boring because the game was really bad”…

    When has that ever stopped you, Jim?

  13. Personally, I am sick to death of blocky voxel art in games. It’s long since lost whatever charm it arguably may once have had and is now just an incredibly tedious affectation. Perhaps not coincidentally, games featuring the style are almost invariably abysmal piles of garbage.

  14. Pardon the pun but can zombie games just die now?

  15. You are being too ignorant. The game has only been out for a week on pc, and the android version has been getting constant gameplay fixes and improvements. There wasnt a single asset used in the making of this as the dev made all the models himself! You are stopping games like this from growing and improving by making your audience think this. And then your audience goes on to spread all that ignorance to even more people making the game get bad reviews and thus stopping potential buyers from buying a fairly fun game.

    Also the lag you got was not the game’s fault. It runs perfectly in singleplayer. Multiplayer is usa west so horrible ping
    And the map IS NOT tiny! You are once again being extremely ignorant. So far i have discovered 3 Large cities, one of them being a desert city, a Port, An airport, and some other stuff i have yet to discover.

    EDIT: Why does everyone believe i made this?? I didnt!

  16. “You only ever get one release.” Well, except for FFXIV.

  17. I watch Jim for games i just want to evade completely

  18. Early Access:

  19. Doesn’t even have a “Z” at the end of the title…
    That’s like putting Sean Bean into your movie and not killing his character. It’s a rookie mistake you just shouldn’t make.

  20. Oh, awesome, Starry Night with a Xenomorph!

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