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Should I make more videos like this?
don’t comment anything, respond to that question lmao


  1. Mmm simply delicious

  2. Smurf nut

    It’s gotta be smurf nut….

  3. Beat the pp

  4. Mr T uploads at 1:41 feels good man

  5. Probably one of the gayyest videos you have uploaded yet

  6. 144p squad where u at?!

  7. I play Save The World & BR and found this video very interesting Lex. Love it, keep up the good work! ❤️ #NotificationSquad

  8. Hog rider?

  9. I think I enjoy these Fortnite lore videos, keep them coming!

  10. I love Lex with a passion

  11. 0:08 his goofy ass forgot to remove the cork

  12. One question, I like to ask myself is why is are character there within the battle Royale island itself. One theory I like is that what if we are the husk but we just don’t know it what if the people we are fighting in battle royal are actually just the survivors. Or what if the whole battle royale islands is just a big test facility for Venderdecks weapons we are all just his rats trying to find the cheese within a maze and that maze being his sick twisted game and he’s constantly throwing us more and more weapons for us to test.

  13. Songs at 2:00 and 4:30?

  14. I Play Everything

    Fuck is this dark souls lore

  15. Vbucks acctually stands for virgin bucks

  16. Song At 4:30 Plz M8

  17. Animalistic Tradition

    It’s obviously Liquid Divinium

  18. RIP this channel

  19. Welcome to game theory with Mr.t

  20. It’s cum. Don’t bother watching the video.

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