You Will Always Be The One – Loving Caliber [Aphmau Official Minecraft Music Video]

REMINDER! Tomorrow is the launch of our new Phoenix Drop High series!

A tribute to Aaron and Aphmau’s story in Phoenix Drop High Season 1. Love blooms in many ways and everyone has their own way about their own relationship. Finding love be it in a relationship or friendship is something that we all cherish. Thank you guys for allowing us to share this story with you, and I hope you all have stories of your own in your life that you fondly remember :purple_heart:

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  1. Me watching this: **crying,Laughing, and Shipping**

    Mom: Is something wrong? is my child broken?

    Dad: Sad Movie?

    Me: Nope! Aphmau!

    Mom and Dad: Who?? OHHH! That youtuber You stop doing your chores to watch? -~- okay..

    Mom: I wanna Watch!

    Me: **explains the backstory of this**

    Mom: **starts crying**

  2. Serenity SquishyUser

    Aaron’s face at the end be like “Freak this shoot I’m out” (yes censored)

  3. I miss this series though. I’ve watched like all the episodes and I’m kissing the characters lmao.

  4. Friend: Who will I take to prom?
    Me: 2 or 3 people
    Friend: Really? Who?

    Me myself and I

  5. Aphmau: Hey why is there a poster for prom on the floor?

    Aaron: *Instant regret*

    Edit : He littelary was at the end XD

  6. Everyone:
    Me: “iS tHiS a HiNt fOr mYstReEt tO cOme bAcK?!”

    Edit, damn I never knew I would get this many likes on this bahah thank u all uwu
    Expect me to comment my thoughts like this on every video bahaha

  7. Why did this make me feel sad like I want a relationship like this and I was waiting for Aaron to yeet Balto through that window ?

  8. ?Who else be crying, who else be crying,
    If you say you’re not then you’re lying,lying?

  9. Aphmau: why’s a poster for prom on the floor?

    A a Ron: OH SH

    • Mocephus08 Gaming ? “A a Ron” damn Canadians *im Canadian and I can say Aaron perfectly fine but this comment was really funny


  11. Aphmau: Why theres a paper of prom over there?

    Aaron: **objective: SURVIVE**

  12. • Himani–Heer •

    *_When you think the ship was gonna sail but it was just imaginary:_*

  13. Is no one gonna mention how a Minecraft song is trending on YouTube in 2019?

  14. PrettyDankAnne-imations

    Friendly Reminder: Aaron doesn’t remember any of this.

  15. No one:

    No soul:

    *Aaron moving the chair*
    Aph- why is there a prom poster on the floor?
    Aaron’a mind- I shouldn’t done that!

  16. Minecraft music? In 2019? Someone pinch me, I must be dreaming.

  17. Who else hates their school and just wishes for something like this to happen to them?? t-t

  18. Me: *watches this*

    Also me: *cries*

    Mum: Such a strange child….

  19. *Minecraft Music Video is on Trending*

    Everyone liked that

  20. Aphmau: Hey why is there a poster for prom on the floor
    Aaron: Uh oh stinky

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