You *NEED* to know this!

Fortnite Mythic Secret you NEED to know!

Hey there – I’m Ali-A! I make Fortnite videos on everything new – Updates, live events, new skins and more. Thanks – Enjoy the video! πŸ˜€


βž– Ali-A Fortnite Maps! βž–
πŸ”¨ Ali-A Gun Game! – 9378-2655-7894
πŸ”¨ Ali-A World! – 6799-0061-6728
πŸ”¨ Ali-A Box Fight 1v1 – 2345-5663-8681
πŸ”¨ Ali-A Box Fight 2v2 to 5v5 – 2066-1508-4270
πŸ”¨ Ali-A Box Fight 16 Players – 0354-3907-1263
πŸ”¨ Ali-A Box Fight 16 (Respawn) – 7211-0450-1109

βž– Follow me!
βž– The equipment I use!

– Ali-A

Video uploaded & owned by Ali-A. (PG, Family Friendly + No Swearing!)


  1. Maria Hotgirl Vlogs

    How long has it been since the last time Ali dropped another 16 bomb?? Great game!

  2. bro when alia does not put the mythic in the tent

  3. Maria Hotgirl Vlogs

    I love that on minute 10:30 he went past a gold auto shotgun lol

  4. Maria Hotgirl Vlogs

    The amount of higher rarity guns on the floor of the guns he had in his inven he didn’t pick up, like the gold auto in like top 6

  5. Maria Hotgirl Vlogs

    We can all agree that he never disappoints us with his content

  6. Derek Lang And Briseis Lang

    confused on how you get so MANY bots

  7. Maria Hotgirl Vlogs

    10:28 He loves the auto so much but doesn’t even see the legendary auto lol.

  8. Don’t upgrade your sapling tree to mythic guys. I did it and it deleted my tree and I had to replant a new tree and my loot started from 0 again.

  9. Kuwait countryball mapping

    I have a great news among us Fortnite is here backpack and stickman dance

  10. Did ali not notice there was a legendary auto



  13. My name is 123Zaxda

  14. Unstoppable Game Plays

    Hey! Don’t forget that Jesus Christ loves you and he died for you have a blessed day❀️

  15. I have a mythic in my tent


  17. Blue Hooded Gamer

    I got a mythic hammer assault rifle

  18. Blue Hooded Gamer

    When is vader coming

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