You Can Now Pre-order Microtransactions

So this crap’s been going on for a while, but Reality Crash is currently boasting over $3.5 million made from its virtual currency thanks to “ICO.”

Reality Crash is a game is currently development.

game terms, we’re looking at microtransactions up for sale before the title has even launched.


  1. Jesus. I’m glad I’m not a mobile gamer.

  2. It’s at times like this I like to think back to when core gamers where critical of the mobiles games industry over a damn decade ago, and the press called them elitist assholes and boldly claimed that mobile was the future that would kill consoles and PC. And now look mobile is disfigured beyond belief more twisted and vile each year, and now it’s come to corrupt core gaming with its bullshit.

  3. Sounds like the same business model as… that other game that still hasn’t come out… you know the one…. Star Citizen. Aka… The Cash Black Hole .

  4. I predict in a few years they will come a game where you have to pre-order the right to pre-order a game.

  5. They sound like such fucking scammers and thieves when they’re trying to make circumventing laws and regulations sound like a good thing.

  6. комссар из чееки брееки

    This is what capitalism has created

  7. Sounds like a scam.

  8. Sounds like some kind of money laundering scheme to me

  9. Activision have got to be kicking themselves. There they were researching & patenting complicated suggestion and reinforcement algorithms when they could have just been offering you bonuses to pre-order loot boxes for WW2. Who doesn’t want to get the thrill of opening their crate before they’ve even entered basic training?

  10. Just wait, that game is going to get cancelled.

  11. Become a virtual arms dealer…..Like Margaret Thatcher’s son…..allegedly.

    Truth Based COMEDY!!!

  12. Mobile gaming is dead

    This is what killed it and it’s coming for us guys.

    It’s coming for us

  13. Considering that ICO is still an unregulated form of crypto commerce (witch is being rapidly illegalised in many of regions), It’s safe to say most of this 3.5M$ comes from money launderers and tax fraud ventures.

  14. What a bunch of fucking SKELETON WARRIORS!

  15. We really need a gaming market crash, and then a massive push to regulate it after analysing every shady thing the industry did before it fell…I don’t want people to lose jobs or anything but this is getting ridiculous. The bubble needs to burst. Then come back and make honest money within common sense rules.


  17. I am curious when the “AAA” industry will catch up, and how people are going to react to it. Also curious about when will the fucking corporate arselickers show up to defend this trash.
    Maybe I should find a better, not useless hobby… Thinking about art….

  18. God, it’s like back with steam green light. When you think you’ve seen the bottom of the barrel, it crumbles away and sinks another mile.

  19. how the fuck can anyone spew out the lines “Pokemon GO with Guns” unironically while the whole “skyrim with guns” is a thing that fucking exists

  20. HOW?! why are people buying into this shit. Never mind that the concept looks like shit, too. Griefing people with premium ammo like in World of Tanks? Now you can even laugh in their faces and get punched!

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