Yes, Rift Is Selling $100 Loot Boxes

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One loot box. 42 possible items. $100 per box.

Trion Worlds is being just a little bit pathetic.


  1. Those pesky Bicrobansactions!

  2. Next up. Lootboxes in Tetris!

  3. You should check out the loot box parody games come out on steam. I think there’s one going for a dollar.

  4. Awww….I used to really like Rift.

  5. 100$ for loot boxes? Are you goddamn fucking shitting me?

  6. no thanks I got family to feed

  7. The real shocker to me is that Rift is still a thing

  8. Ah yes, “micro” transactions

  9. There’s going to be a law to stop this bullshit and is feels good now that is real justices.

  10. “Lets all laugh at a industry that never learns anything tee hee hee.” – You know who says this.

  11. I blame Ajit Pai for this.

  12. “… costs 4200 dollars” if you have the luck of the gods lmao. If you *only* spend that much to get all 42 items, you’d have been able to win the lottery 3 times in a row.

  13. Rift-diculous

  14. We did it, folks.

    We have reached the point of MACROTRANSACTIONS.

  15. It’s not gambling if you can’t afford it.

  16. I seem to recall Rift being hyped as “The WoWkiller” back in the day.

    I also seem to recall a movie quote going, “You either die a hero, or you live long enough to see yourself become the villain.”

    One of these two things is true about Rift now.

  17. You said its 100 , but its 99.99 ” YOUR FAKE NEWS”

  18. I got a frosty budgie once…. Then I put my pants back on.

  19. Someone out there will buy it. That’s the most frustrating thing.

  20. Rift still exists?

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