Yakuza’s Open World Is Biggest And Bestest (The Jimquisition)

NOTE: I forgot to credit the videos I borrowed footage from because I lost the footage I had of these myself.
The series may not have gigantic open worlds, but they’re bigger and better than any sprawling found in your typical “AAA” these days.

Extra : Fuck News.


  1. In The Mind of Kibara

    Now if only they will port it to the PC

  2. Please put a “will induce physical pain” warning for that congress person rap.

  3. That Fresh Prince vid is so incredibly cringy. Where can I find the rest of it?

  4. What in Satan’s name was that rap?

  5. Alone on a Friday night? Just remember these yakuza.

  6. Oh fuck yes let’s talk about how awesome yakuza is!

  7. Graham Kristensen

    That opening made me cringe harder than when I first heard the Smurfs version of I’m Too Sexy.

  8. Gaming University Conference

    Nice! This game looks Awesome!

  9. Sega please bring yakuza to PC

  10. *Dear person who threatened*
    *to murder me two weeks ago.*

    *Why am I still here, son?*

  11. I was not ready for that intro. Holy jumping jesus.

  12. Great to see you support such an underrated series that really deserves more attention.

  13. The Best Friends Zaibatsu thanks you.

  14. Jim, I’m afraid I’m gonna have to sue you for attempted murder by forcing me to see that rap at the start of the video

  15. I’m glad people are finally realizing the greatness of the Yakuza series.

    I’ve been singing its praises since 2006, yet hardly anybody cared. Better late than never, though, and I’m just happy more people are enjoying it than before. Plus, a bigger fanbase means more games localized :D.

  16. Auto-Erotic-AssetFlipsiation

  17. As much as I love the Yakuza games, I think the Open World label they’ve been given is a bit of a misnomer. What they are is just straight up Action JRPGs, simple as that.

    There’s an overworld.

    There’s randomized battles.

    There’s dungeons (though no puzzles, granted, just prolonged battle gauntlets, but still).

    There’s character leveling and customizing.

    There’s gear equipping and “forging” (if you count a weapon otaku in a minivan making customized weapons as “forging”, which I do).

    And if you count heavy focus on narrative as an RPG ingredient, even if I personally don’t, then it’s got that too.

    It’s one of the best JRPGs out there that almost nobody is calling an RPG, just because it takes place in a city (or several) instead of an sci-fi/fantasy world, and doesn’t have turn-based battles. But it definitely is an RPG.

  18. Jim, you took your gloves off this week. Next week I expect another striptease where you take off one additional article of clothing. This will escalate each week until you’re fully nude.

  19. Thank you for shedding more light on the Yakuza series (: the series deserves as much love and support as possible! I honestly believe the series is the perfect example of how open world games should be, and has become one of my favorite series because of that!

  20. Compact game worlds with more fleshed out and detailed areas is something that definitely need to be more common. It’s one of the things I really liked about the modern Deus Ex games. From the hub worlds to the levels – if you take in to consideration just running through them they’d be tiny relative to other games, but each is filled with items and secrets to be found along with computers to break in to and multiple resolutions to all sorts of obstacles. It’s clear to me that proper execution can make either wide open worlds or more compact open worlds both viable and fun, but it seems the former has taken hold as the status quo and the latter is neglected in areas where it could be more beneficial.

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