Xbox One X Classic Unboxing w/ Jon



  1. i need to see a back compat vid comparing xbox one x to the 360

  2. Use a gimbal please whoever is videoing is way too jittery

  3. John & Yasya Vlogs

    Next Xbox should be called “Xbox One XBox Box”

  4. Yo sick Black ranger hoodie what’s the hook up

  5. This is not a classic unboxing. There is no Slick behind the camera.

  6. next time get jon TRON to come on lol.

  7. They litteraly took 15 minutes to open a box

  8. hey im new to pcs and wanted to know if this is accurate

  9. Ehh my pc would still smash it

  10. wow the box theory though….

  11. They put it unlisted
    but it goes on trending
    youtube pulling pranks again

  12. You could use Wan show setup to live stream unboxings maybe? That’d be cool, although it may take a while to set up…

  13. I thought this was the iPhone X

  14. Seriously that guy is irritating as fuck… John or whatever. He needs to chill the fuck down before getting in these videos…

  15. Lol I got a PlayStation ad on this

  16. Well some how this is 50th on trending bet yea didn’t expect that linus

  17. I’m not gonna release too many details as this isn’t really my story to tell, but I had a professor in college that worked fairly high up within a major tech company and when they were ready to release their “big product,” they wanted everyone to know about it so they branded the outsides of all of the trucks with logos and what not. Well where they were coming from wasn’t exactly the nicest part of the world and what had ended up happening is all of the trucks except one got to where they were supposed to be to deliver their brand new product in time for sales that year, you know big product big release kind of deal. They eventually found the last truck abandoned on the side of the road, on fire, shot up, and empty; they lost something like a couple thousand units of product when there was only supposed to be like 10-15 trucks for the first initial delivery. So imagine losing 7-10% of your product right after development, production and distribution from one of your plants, actually it might have been the only plant since this was the absolute first delivery of a brand new product to stores for sale like that Christmas or whatever. Needless to say they never made that mistake again; so yes Linus, you are 100% correct in assuming Microsoft didn’t want those xboxes being stolen because of the outside packaging.

  18. it looks like a radiator to me

  19. “This video will go unlisted once we’re done streaming”

    Well, I’m glad it didn’t, it was fun to watch

  20. i feel like this is going to be the downfall of playstation.

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