WWE 2K20 Literally Doesn’t Work In The Year 2020

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In an amazing feat of awfulness, WWE 2K20 literally doesn’t work in the year it’s named after. As a 2020 celebratory treat, this terrible wrestling game has fully broken down.

It seems that 2K20’s internal clock just can’t handle the switch from one decade to another. Because of COURSE it can’t.

Already a legend for its bugs and breakages, WWE 2K20 has kicked off another decade of game industry nonsense with amazing style and grace. And it’s still the game WWE, as a wrestling business, deserves.

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  1. I was waiting for how many games will break. Fallout 76 broke last year if I remember correctly.

  2. Remember the Y2K bug on Fallout 76?

  3. “2K20” was the expiry date

  4. To be fair, it didn’t work in 2019 either

  5. This game keeps getting RKO’d outta nowhere by its broken code.

  6. Remember when the nukes broke in Fallout 76?

    It also happened when it ticked over to the new year (2019, in that case).

  7. Rimmer won't eat his gazpacho soup.

    We are mere hours into 2020 and already the ‘top 10 worst lists’ for the year have been started.
    Only the gaming industry can be that fast.

  8. *found out how bad the game was, pirated it, still feel ripped off*

  9. “ticking time bomb”

    Hiromu approved.

  10. For some reason it makes me happy that Jim Sterling is aware of newLegacyinc

  11. Can’t wait for New Legacy’s “It’s a new year, yes it glitch” compilation.

  12. This game is the perfect wwe simulator. Is beyond broken and pathetic just like the real wwe.

  13. I’m as surprised as the developers there was someone that tried to load up this game in 2k20 tbh

  14. Guess 2K20’s New Year’s resolution was to simply give up.

  15. I swear someone HAS to have done this on purpose.

  16. I like how the sprite at the end’s final bit of his cackle syncs up perfectly when jim says “Lord”.


  18. cutepinkbandanaman

    More like Y2K20, am I right?

    I’ll see myself out.

  19. “As someone who operates in both realms” now Jim, come on.

  20. 2019: year of the broken games

    2020: Hold my beer.

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