Winners & Losers E3 2017 (The Jimquisition)

The names its inaugural Winners & Losers of !

What killed? What died? We celebrate and jeer what , PlayStation, , , , and had to offer.


  1. Have you always changed the sign in your intro each week?

    I feel like I discover new nuggets each time I watch a new Jimquisition! Love the new intro!

  2. “Give us your hard-earned money.”

    Such honesty you rarely see anymore.

  3. Nintendo won E3, they showed more exclusives then Sony or Microshit.

  4. Is this video in 4K?

  5. Whoever wins, I lose because I’m poor

  6. ProJared introduced me to Jim when he covered the Slaughtering Grounds meltdown. Shout out to Jared you beautiful bastard!

  7. Lol the projared cameo was gold

  8. i want to put pitou's ears in my mouth

    Of course those people applauded pre orders. Theyre xbox fans

  9. Realistic mic chatter gets a 7/10, not enough homophobic slurs

  10. Jim the audience is told beforehand when to clap. So the applause doesn’t mean they agree with the idea rather they followed instructions.

  11. We are the losers of this E3

  12. What??? No mention of Metroid??? Really?

  13. My favorite anime is Attack on Kiss Boy.

  14. “…said ‘4K’ more times than a pretentious cutlery merchant”

    I’m dead

  15. Mario Odyssey is actually a prequel to The Last of Us, wherein we discover that the fungus responsible for the zombie plague is actually from Mario’s constant parasitic use of human beings within the game.

  16. I really don’t know why everyone thinks the scripted mic chatter is so bad… I find it really engaging and really helps me envision playing this with my friends. It also helps to reveal a lot of gameplay info that you wouldn’t necessarily get just by watching or listening to in-game voice acting. Its a little cheesy sure, but in my opinion its a nice touch. I liked it in The Division, in Wildlands, and here as well.

    Enough with the “oh, mic chatter never sounds like that, its always ‘420 bLazEIT!!11!’ or random yelling, hahahaha” because that’s just untrue. Hundreds of hours of playing co-op games like The Division or Destiny and probably 90% of my VOIP conversations with strangers and friends alike sound like the scripted mic chatter you find in these trailers. It may be hard to believe, but there are actually gamers who aren’t 12.

  17. Great vid Jim! Really enjoyed it! 🙂

  18. Fuck you NAZIs are the good guys open your fucking eyes

  19. James Ellsworth, Miss Money in the bank!

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