WIND DRAGON ADVENTURE – Or Whatever The Fuck It’s Called

Christ’s sake.


  1. Ever wonder how many of these shitty games are made by kids just trying their hardest?

  2. Love you, Jim Sterling! Never stop being you…. LOL

  3. Can i play as a bad dragon?

  4. The dev has the money for privilige goggles, but not enough to use OBS for free to record the trailer footage…

  5. do you ever get the feeling that something HUGE is coming but you arent sure what

  6. Ah yes, with a framerate of 3spf
    Yes 3 seconds per frame

  7. Alexander Saburov

    you are a bit chubby… >>

  8. Steam green light trash! Now with vr support. New generation experience

  9. At least it’s not a Wind Brahmin.

  10. Looking at crap games on Steam Greenlight make me realize I’m not a horrible artist like I believe I am

  11. cheezemonkeyeater

    Hey, don’t insult Claymation. Will Vinton was the king of stop motion.

  12. The dragon in Mortal Kombat Annihilation looked better. This would make your eyes melt in VR.

  13. Minor typo in the title, it should be “it’s” not “its”.

  14. Satan’s Christmas, what the f*$k is this??? VR early access is…. that’s gonna be…. -_- ….. quite crushing

  15. -Does not come with dragon sex toys.-

  16. Sheldon Dinkleberg

    Man, the Skyrim remaster’s graphics really aren’t much of an upgrade.

  17. VR games don’t have head bobs.
    Well made ones have properly implemented head TRACKING.
    If they didn’t you’d feel sick in a few minutes at most.

    Footage of VR games looks wobbly because… SURPRISE! People move their heads a lot!

    Don’t trust footage of a VR game yhat has suspiciously smooth camera footage. It either means the footage is fake, or the game does things that will make you sick during actual gameplay.

  18. I’ve seen furry porn games from looking at the oozing dregs that is hentai game forums that look better than this drek.

  19. lol those 2 comments on the greenlight page are gold

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