Will Draw For Riot Points: A Celebration of RP Art

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Years ago, League Legends players started the tradition of sending Riot Player Support drawings champions, hoping for the one-time gift of a little RP. We call it “RP Art,” and today we’re opening the vault.

Learn More: http://www.riotgames.com/will-draw-rp…

Make your own RP Art: http://www.riotgames.com/rpart


  1. I drew a Santa Bard for 2 RP once. Got Assassin Yi out of it, so worth?

  2. https://gyazo.com/2a2a190e3c9c9142d4da89e80223a80c My RP art… It wont
    connect on riot games website so… Star Soul Hunter is my league name.

  3. Fiddle can have a cigar but Graves cant? (2:00)

  4. Slobodan Dzikoski

    Thats amazing in so many ways

  5. Alexander Zarghami

    Where do you send RP art’s?

  6. where do u send i sent an email and they told me upload on the site im like

  7. what are these shit drawings? if i knew you could make 7 RP out of a stupid
    5 min sketch I would keep sending them for ever until today lol…

  8. i couldnt stop laughing the whole way through this is legendary ;D
    thank the lord for humoring me with shit artists ;D

  9. how you send it , it doesn’t say to upload on the site …

  10. IDK why I feel like there’s a hidden Kappa in there but we can’t see it,
    much like hidden mmr

  11. BeefDipSauce Boss

    I drew this one 2 years ago & it was featured in the favorites gallery rofl.

  12. Too bad you stopped doing that. :’ < Sent one a few months ago, but didn't get like 5-10 rp VV' Rip.

  13. Where’s my rengar vs kha comic? That shit was funny af! I want it on the
    main screen!

  14. the blitzcrank pic is cute

  15. I was looking for mine and I realized that I got my rp without giving them
    art because I forgot to add it as an attachment and they still gave me the
    rp for lissandra….

    I forgot about it and tried to get rp for Battlecast Xerath but they
    declined, sorry Rito Support

  16. Honestly they’re all Darkk Mane’s drawings

  17. These should be made into actual skins.

  18. https://gyazo.com/1148c36c6090a7139b8982db1b3a7404 i also did it i worked
    really hard. I tried, cried, and died to get this perfect plz rito accept
    my love.


  20. Are you for real XDDDDDddddddddd

  21. And not a single RP was given.

  22. Plz dont tell me these guys get paid by making these shits.

  23. Alexandre Ravary

    WHYYY Riot I”ve donne some amazing drawings and I did not even get to be in
    the video… I got 3 rp for 7 drawings like men

  24. I want this nasus as wallpaper where i can download it?

  25. what can ido with maximuim 50 RP Poor rito, lol!!

  26. Kleanthis Aristidou

    creativity is REAL

  27. Im furious about this. I once needed a tiny amount of rp and did this for
    riot, and they said this ~~~~”Sorry but we no longer do this and we can’t
    give you the small amount of rp. Thank you for the art though” Rito wtf

  28. How do i sendRiot my picture?

  29. i played dominion all the time. it was the only thing that really brought
    me and my old friends together… RIP Dominion. Unless Riot grows a heart,
    takes the thousands of dollars they would use to make old broken fiora into
    newer more broken fiora into garbage fiora anyways and update the map. And
    while were at it why are all good game modes in league temporary. Am I just
    supposed to wait for riot to finally let me play a game mode for 4 days out
    of the year, because for some reason thats a major inconvenience.

  30. Where Can I send? I go to Player support but I can’t find something that I
    can upload my picture.

  31. Simó Femenias Soler

    Where can i send it to riot my picture guys?

  32. You guys are awesome.

  33. michell victoria Diestro

    that vlad

  34. what is the email for send our art ?

  35. Sent Riot a dick pick saying this is why Lee Sin is really blind, and asked
    if i could get 2 RP but they never gave me it :(

  36. Is this still a thing?! I needs to know !! :o

  37. Where do I send ?? Can anyone give me a link? Thanks

  38. well time to earn a butt load of rp

  39. Riot Games i made one picture how can i send it :D

  40. I tried this and they denied me

  41. rikardo maisuradze

    where and how i must send my art? pls help me

  42. So the Artist took one big piece of shit and put it in there heads…

  43. mine wasn’t in the video rip

  44. walnut boy (walnut vids)

    gg no dunkey


    I almost drew for RP, but I couldnt get myself to draw a highly detailed
    picture because i dont like quick drawings ;-;

  46. Whoever made the one at 3:35 of Maokai,Eve,Teemo and Rengar it’s a

  47. wotafak please … give some ur pills or drugs .. i rly want it.

  48. rp whores :’3

  49. Thank god. In all seriousness whenever I made hardcore RP art you guys
    never actually gave it to me on the forums. I even tried player support,
    but I didn’t get it there either. I being a killjoy right now but I’m glad
    this is a thing now.

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