Why we need Half Life 3

Little boy is crushed by news there will be no Half Life 3.


  1. “We used to make video games, now we make money.” Valve

  2. Why would you put your kid through this? You bastard!

  3. #MakeHalfLife3ForElii

  4. Your kid looks a lot like Haley Joel Osment :v

  5. 2 Eli’s died today. :c

  6. Was Eli named after the bloke in Half Life?

  7. Checking in from Reddit.

  8. Valve never said that they aren’t going to make Half Life 3…. You are
    literally lying to your kids face on camera to get a better reaction out of
    him. A+ Dadding

  9. Hey Valve, maybe take some time off making money out of other people’s
    games and maybe continue your damn franchises? Are you still fucking game
    developpers or steam curators at this point?

  10. Hell yes, guilt GabeN into doing it finally.

  11. See what you did Gaben.. you fat fuck T_T

  12. Jeez Valve are you just going to dash these kids hopes and dreams?

  13. man fuck you Gaben, fuck you …..

  14. 1. Why is that speaker knocked over.
    2. Are those eMachines speakers?

  15. “they were saying they’re not going to make another one”
    Nobody at Valve has ever said that

  16. Half Life 2 sucks, the beginning is so boring i could’t even get out of the

  17. So thats how Half Life 2 ends? I guess i havent played through it all and
    now i don’t want to.

  18. eli the computer guy

  19. when did valve say they werent gonna make another one?

  20. And yet more have joined us in our eternal wait for Half-Life 3.

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