Why pros keep playing Galio (Leave Parth alone)

In collaboration with @Shakarez. As of June 15th, has been picked or banned in 92% of all LCS, LMS, LCK, & LPL games–that’s over 180 games in total! We take a look at why that’s the case and how teams are utilizing .

Footage from LoL , , & FenixYTB.

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  1. this is such a good channel

  2. People should try to understand that there is a logic behind when a team picks a certain champion. They just don’t pick champs randomly.

  3. I’m surprised they didn’t nerf him this patch he can play 4 roles and is pretty effective in all 4 of them

  4. paid by regi

  5. galio is disgusting paired with kled.

  6. Luv-Ekam Singh Jassal

    hire travis

  7. Look at this quality content tho!

  8. The Funky Chicken

    this is the best league esports channel that exists.

  9. Galio is All Might. Well I imagine him saying I am here. Whenever he ults.

  10. TSM 3-2 as of 6/21/2017…

  11. the title and topic is identical to dong huaps….

  12. He’s not exciting, he’s op. Only thing he’s missing in his kit is ranged AAs

  13. they are 1-3 with the champ, their win against TL doesn’t count

  14. Great content, keep it up.

  15. Tokyo Drift Azir

    Keep it up guys! Really quality content here 🙂

  16. From all the team who use Galio you speak about the most noob 1.Classic NA brain.

  17. damn that xmithie lee sin roast tho… feelsbadman

  18. based on MSI parth is trash.

  19. Its not the galio pick that doesnt work, its tsm shitty shotcalling that brings them down.

  20. to me it’s still useless as shjt :v

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