Why People Always Running Headshot You in CS:GO

It seems often that someone accuses some else for getting a kill solely on luck, when that shooter really knows they counter-strafed. What’s going on here, and does this happen in other type of gun fights?

0:00 Introduction
0:15 Counter-Strafe Fight & Timings
1:09 Uncrouching Timing & Confusion
1:54 Falling Timings
2:09 Conclusion




  1. Answer?

    64 tick

  2. Your voice and general volume in your videos is very quiet in comparison to almost all the other yutub vids. Maybe turn it up a notch?

  3. It’s satisfying seeing likes and no dislikes

  4. This cant be really solved, enemy movements are smoothed so you can hit them, but you dying is not(would be dumb to delay your death)

  5. csgo is a fucking joke xD


  7. The thing with calling hacks on everyone is, if even the pros are doing shady shit, how can u trust randoms in MM to not be hackng.

  8. I think its a model/animations problem … new animations would fix that, but not spoderman animations, more like “hard” animations

  9. Andrew Hartmann

    The time is shorter because you record the time at the time you are hiding and not the time you appear on the opponent’s screen, it will always make a difference.
    The problem is that when the animation of the shot happens it is still in motion.

  10. The ping between your CPU and Motherboard is much higher than 0ms.. it’s 0.0000000089ms you dumb shit..

  11. I’m still puzzled by people calling CS:GO “the best *shooter (corrected game to shooter) of all time” when this kind of stuff happens by day-to-day basis…

    “Least worst” might cut it… Might.

  12. RepR | CS:GO And More!

    +Dinoswarleaf 2:02 You said 0.223 instead of 0.233

  13. valve jacking off making boot skins probably

  14. Obviously not cruxal, or else that first clip would be a death perspective 😉

  15. “bullet magnetism”

  16. 2:02 he said 223 even though it’s 233

  17. Great Video! I had this happening to me yesterday in a pub game and it was terrible.

  18. Did people really not know this already?

  19. Larisa Denyakina

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  20. Fat Black Auto San Andreas

    Now explain the falling one deags please thx

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