Why Is YouTube Still Letting That Liar Attack My Channel? (The Jimquisition)

In our top segment today, Gilson B. Pontes tries to again. While he continues to fail, YouTube apparently allows perjury to occur again and again and again without consequence.

Also, we share GameStop’s solemn words, and tear into billionaire scumball Bobby Kotick. Fun!


  1. Jim could’ve worn this exact outfit with 0 explanation last year and I wouldn’t have batted an eye. It’s just extremely Jim.

  2. My ridiculous internet conspiracy theory is that Gilson’s games are just a cover for some sort of money laundering scheme, but they haven’t told him that. Also never let anyone ever tell you your outfits are too much. You don’t need that in your life. Your entire look is just fabulous

  3. The most surprising thing about Activision laying off employees is that the company still has employees left.

  4. I’m glad to see Jim Stephanie is still maintaining their sense of humor through the madness.

  5. This blinged out Poison look is popping the fuck off – I adore it Jim.

  6. Wait.. GBP actually poked the bear enough to potentially destroy himself?

    go Team Jim!

  7. After the opening title. My eyes were drawn immediately to the new, majestic crown resting gently upon thine head and thought, “yup, that works.”

  8. I kinda love how GILSON B. PONTES is always spoken with his full name like an anime villain or something.

  9. People ask ‘why is Gilson?’ but no one asks ‘how is Gilson?’

    Because no one cares. Because he is trash.

  10. Jim: “Is it too much?”
    Me: “Nah man. I’m Dutch, I’ve seen “De Toppers” often enough to get used to that.”

    Go look it up, brilliant entertainment.

  11. Comparing Gilson to the Riddler is either extremely complementary to Gilson or unfair to the Riddler

  12. That hat is absolutely extra… and I wouldn’t have jimquisition any other way

  13. I was expecting Jim to take that hat off and have J E W E L S fall out again.

  14. 0:35 Nah Babes this is literally the best thing ever. I actually giggled and clapped like a 5 year old seeing Elsa at a birthday party in happiness when I saw your hat.

  15. Bobby Kotick has more money than my state’s entire budget.

  16. Unfortunately “don’t date him” won’t work, there are a lot of greedy, soulless women out there that would hop on him in a second because of the insane amount of money he has, irregardless of his flaws

  17. It seems that Bobby Kotick and his millionaire/billionaire buddies are playing a game called “My stack of money is bigger than yours because I can hoard more money than you can”
    They don’t want to pay taxes and they don’t want to donate any money to charities that help the less fortunate. They just want to stack the money higher and higher.

  18. So Bobby could basically take his bonus and give a million dollars to everyone he fired and still have 7 billion dollars. Ain’t capitalism grand.

  19. I cannot express just how much I love the outfit.

  20. Sterling asks: Is this too extra? Audience: You’ve always been this extra.

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