Why EA’s Dead Space Can F*** Off (The Jimquisition)

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There are mounting reports that Electronic Arts is about to announce some sort of Dead Space remake, with the leading suggestion being a reimagining of the original game.

As someone who loves Dead Space, I should be happy about this news, but my apathy is palpable. I am not interested in ’s Dead Space, not after EA drove the series into the dirt and killed the original studio.

This isn’t Dead Space. This is EA’s Dead Space, and even if it’s good, I want nothing to do with the company’s opportunism.


  1. They did Visceral games so dirty… Makes them work on a shitty battlefield spin off then kills them off and then decides to remake their IP (in a most likely shitty way)

  2. I only JUST got the “Evil, Actually” gag. I never claimed to be bright.

  3. Dude metslagroom

    I still remember the youtube vid bout how the guy in charge NEEDED the tentacle drag scene in the first dead space and went to ridiculous lengths to make it happen. That was some of the ridiculous passion and potential and passion visceral showed for dead space…I doubt we’re gonna get that again and actively dread whatever little shit we gonna get instead.

  4. Up in Smoke Productions

    When are we getting a JSS Signature Boglin? It would be the only one I would ever own and it would be my life goal to get it signed.

  5. Hobo Worldeater

    Everyone is taking about Dead Space hoping EA does good, all while Respawn Entertainment is hoping to hush up the hackers pushing for Titanfall fixes

  6. Jim Steph: “What they DID!”
    Me: Oh no, that’s the “what they DID to Zhang He” level of anger…

  7. Kelsey Alexander

    Damn EA to Hell.
    Good luck to whoever’s foolish enough, desperate enough, or stuck enough to be the ones working on making the new Dead Space project as good as they can. but to Hell with their executive lords who’ll pocket any and all of the plunder, and leave the rest to starve.

  8. I remember playing dead space for the first time half-drunk at 1am because my mate told me it was a sci fi action shooter, i hate horror and got so scared at the first jump scare i threw my headset off and broke it.

  9. Oh look, EA drags out another murdered corpse from the graveyard to be danced lifelessly in front of us. Yay!

  10. Jim-Steph sees the bottom of the truth: Sometimes dead is better.

  11. As a priest in the Church of the Algorithm, I bless this video with a comment.

  12. “There’s a new” *gets chased through a wall by a warhammer wielding friend of jim stephanie sterling so jim can do something else entirely*

  13. The Callisto Protocol is the new Dead Space.
    Dead Space is… Well, dead.

  14. Gotta admit, the bedazzled biker hat has grown on me.

  15. Man I wish we could ever get the director’s cut of Event Horizon.

  16. I love that your outfits keep getting more outrageously colourful.
    What’s the inspiration?

  17. We are here knowing why Dead Space died.
    Everyone else: yay more Dead Space!

  18. _”It turns out the_ *real* _horror was the Publisher all along.”_ 😔

  19. When the they’re making remakes of games still on my “to-do” pile. Eek

  20. I tend to agree. EA is an abomination and screwed over Dead Space hard and Visceral. I can’t say I’m not happy about a remake as it seems interesting to me but really, whats to be done? Apart from Negative Atmosphere being worked on

    I guess we could just not buy it as mentioned lol

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