WHY DID WE PLAY THIS 💀 | Inside the Backrooms (With Cartoonz)

🎵 Outtro song: By SpacemanChaos!

#H2ODelirious #Delirious #VanossCrew


  1. Not gonna lie Cartoonz & Delirious that first video without the flash lights was hilarious. Keep up the awesome Content love both of your vids Keep them cmoing!

  2. christopher stone

    Back in the bedrooms? Lmao

  3. This was fun to watch

  4. It’s good that there are no shark entities in the backrooms.

  5. just love every time delirious plays with cartoonz. they fits each other so much in terms of chemistry

  6. idk if you know this but there is a new GTA update maybe its gonna be fub

  7. Private bob and lieutenant David

    When will you finish farcry5 delirious?

  8. I love watching you two play games like this. It’s entertaining, funny, and I love the way they work together and their camaraderie. You can tell they have a great friendship. A lot of YouTubers are so toxic to their friends on games together but these two have a great friendship and it’s honestly refreshing.

  9. delirious plss play stray !!!

  10. can u react to corba kai

  11. Райън Димитров

    Yes I know right

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