When You Love a Game That Nobody Else Cares About




  1. Hey friends, I kinda just wanna take a quick moment to thank you all for the insane support over the last few months, it’s been crazy!
    I know I haven’t made a one million sub thank you video, but I promise I will, I just wanna make it good! <3

    I LOVE YOU ALL <3333333333

  2. Me with my friends telling them about NieR: Automata

  3. “Hey so I had this indie game-”

  4. This is what I feel like with my favorite games and my friends.

  5. I would genuinely like to play that Alien post apocalyptic farming game

  6. Cmon man, he just needs to grow his space papayas.

  7. Me: I’m just gonna play this game it’s called umm pac man battle royale now let’s see
    I’m just lonely with these dumb bots

  8. RoomTempuratureHotpocket

    This sounds like an actual indie game that would exist.

  9. I play STALKER and all my friends are like “yo what the hell is that”

  10. I feel like the characters are empty husks and when they show emotion water fills their body and exits their eyes. Or is that just me?

  11. When I realize that circletoons doesn’t have necks

  12. Some say you can still find his soul, waiting for another person to join him.

  13. Arroz Con Leche Nutritivo তঁ

    The end is like when you are looking for an online game on the nintendo ds

  14. This reminds me of Slime Rancher, those fruits look like prickle pears

  15. This feels like a personal attack on half my library.

  16. this indie game sounds like a post-apocalyptic version of SimCity.

  17. Everyone’s saying “oh yeah, I can relate to this with [big, popular game]”

  18. “When you love a game that no body knows about”

    Me: Have you played bouncing bob on the eshop?

  19. The “indie game” literally sounds like Roblox simulator games in a nutshell

    • Except dumb brainless children that some pedophile probably keeps inside his house’s basement still play it.
      Same works for adoption games,and these even kill the website even more than simulators while everyone gives a shit about them because their sole existence is a threat towards humanity that cannot be removed.

    • The game is actually real, it’s called Atomicrops, and it’s actually really good

  20. “so there is this game i like called disgaea”
    *anyone:* never heard of it.

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