When you know that opponent did deserve the win more

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Music: Urban Robot – Na naší zahrádce (prod. WeedField)


  1. Lol dude that mad bomber just wasn’t having it

  2. There was a total of 7 possible targets for the mad bomber and they all hit
    his face. That’s a 1/343 chance, equivalent to .2915% chance.

  3. Gor Jerry (Beetleman)


  4. tvůj smích nemá chybu :-)))

  5. Your opponent is really lucky!!

  6. I like your reaction 😀 haha

  7. haha so lucky ~nice play:))

  8. To be fair, you had the option to taunt on the previous turn while still
    having lethal damage and guarding the healbot.

  9. Tadesyx: “I’m not even mad”

    (puts on sunglasses)

    “that’s bomber.”


  10. didn’t even fucking play the bomber before the knight

  11. this isnt funny at all.
    It’s just ridiculously depressing.

  12. to znám 🙂 třeba když oponent má 7 hp ty dvakrát topdeckneš crackle a oba
    daj za 3

  13. He even played the Knight first. SeemsGood

  14. EvilBobSauce2012

    Retard music

  15. The chance isn’t that low is it? Wouldn’t only one of the 3 shots have to
    hit you? He could’ve attacked still for 2

  16. Grakiao Petrichor

    +Tadesyx title or name of song?

  17. anyone else pissed that he did it in the wrong order.

  18. He took a chance, right. ~0.3 % to win the game :3

  19. Nathan Camilleri

    That laugh!

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