When Imaqtpie, Dom, Annie bot meet Tyler1 in game

What will Imaqtpie, Dom , & Annie bot do when they meet the infamous toxin Tyler1 in game?
► Watch the streamers here – https://www.twitch.tv/imaqtpie | https://www.twitch.tv/iwilldominate | https://www.twitch.tv/anniebot | https://www.twitch.tv/loltyler1

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  1. who is Tyler?and what’s the relationship between them? I really don’t get
    it. can someone explain to me?

  2. where’d the video go

  3. For everyone who is defending tyler i recomend them watchin tylers stream
    for atleast an hour then come back and think again

  4. Artorias of the Abyss

    QT is making all kinds of Elo gains, all kiiiiiiindsssss…

  5. Im dying LOL 5:16

  6. he is right about dynamic q and that he dint lane with qt at all tho

  7. Adam Fookin Franck

    woulda been kinda cool to watch if bot lane wasn’t a 5v2 tho lol

  8. tyler has lisp probably from small balls from taking trenbolone to achieve
    those 13.5 inch arms

  9. This was satisfying to watch

  10. they cant talk shit when they dynamic queue and gank him level2 with tp and
    just flash annie ult like if you think that’s “rekt” please kill yourself

  11. did i just watch a virgin fight?

  12. try hards

  13. Ferenc Szaffenauer

    Being toxic to the toxic guy will totally fix his attitude and not
    encourage anybody else to be toxic.

  14. annie so fair lol

  15. I feel like at this point this is kind of bullying. I understand he’s
    toxic, but does anyone really deserve this much harassment?

  16. Barbershop Guwop

    Anyone got the VOD, been looking on Tylers twitch for an hour now and i
    cant find the game.

  17. hodget twins lol

  18. idk man he fucking outplayed you guys with a four man dive bot lane and
    still gets a kill lmao

  19. “Do you usually win against tyler?”, Qt pie laughs and completely ignores
    Annie bot Feelsbadman

  20. His name is Tyler and he mains adc? DRAVEN adc?
    ……. of course he is toxic
    poor guy never had a chance.

  21. Why does Tyler play league if it makes him this upset? What a weirdo.

  22. Truth is, QT was not winning lane against him. Dude has talent, if he could
    manage his anger issues, he’d be a great player.

  23. Tyler has to be a monster to get so many accounts this high elo tbh

  24. FueledByCookiezGamin

    lmao everyone trying to make him explode… just sad

  25. he was fucking their asses but u know, dynamic quue magic…

  26. I just love seeing videos of Tyler and his toxic ass getting rekt. What
    pisses me off even more is that he’s actually really good :(

  27. Imacuntybye feeding his ass off while having a big mouth. Just the usual.

  28. DynamicQ is for pussies

  29. The sad moment when you realise Tyler is actually right.
    If you didnt know, he was far from tilted. If you saw his stream you´d know
    he was just sad at how easily abused the dinamic q system is. People saying
    he´s shit, but if you watched the game, you know before everyone dived him
    early, qt was farming under his turret duo to his pressure. Plus, I hadn´t
    seen Qt´s vod from the game since I was watching tyler´s stream, but it´s
    pretty sad how the only gold from the 3 in this game was to kill him and
    they kept making fun of him… Even more sad is how Dom, after being the
    one who talked more bullshit, tried to play friends with him LOOOOL
    I´m not saying this as a fanboy or whatever, I´m actually a TL fan and Dom
    was my fav jungler and QT was during a long time my fav streamer ( I dont
    really give a shit about Annie Bot tho… ), I´m only talking about what
    everyone saw and stating the facts. If you can´t handle the truth, then
    it´s your problem, not mine 🙂
    Having said this, I think what QT did after the game was pretty amazing
    from him and I respect him much for that.I know QT was just having fun and
    he didn´t mean what he said ( I also bet he knows he was getting rekt
    before the camp ). Once again, on the other hand, I think Dom was just
    being an asshole and then tried to make up for it FailFish

  30. Dude i kinda feel bad for him this game. He is obviously trying not to rage
    because he doesnt want to be perma banned but getting aggravated like that
    would piss anyone off.

  31. the url has “ADc”

  32. why didnt qt gift tyler :(

  33. Jared is being dragged into a shithole, JARED QUICKLY ESCAPE THESE TOXIC

  34. man pretty bs…

  35. That feel when u actually know who qt, dom, jared, tyler and the hodgetwins
    are Kreygasm

  36. Anyone know how Jared changed his summoner name to Annie?
    I thought Riot made level 6 accounts for every champion name?

  37. Tyler1 is the best.

  38. I get a lot of people say he deserves the harass because thats what he is
    known for but honestly i thought these guys were better then that. Showing
    some class and being respectful with people who dont deserve it thats being
    a man.

  39. dang they’re bullying him.

  40. Tyler would fk all of you nerd kids up in real life…Don’t even lol.

  41. Dont really understand why you only put the parts in the video where he
    gets killed. He isnt even salty or tilted and he got camped by 5 man just
    for beeing Tyler. Why would you care if hes toxic ingame if you ever saw
    his stream you would see hes nice to all of his viewers and a pretty good
    streamer overall.
    Imaqtpie didnt even play better or anything this game, 1/4 at 14 minutes
    worse thats than tyler getting camped by 5 man

  42. Better Than Ezra

    holy fuck you guys are toxic and weak in real life :(

  43. Yasuo The Unforgiven

    I feel bad for Tyler man he just wanna play the game FeelsBadMan

  44. quốc thành nguyễn

    may ma danh nhu thanh

  45. The thing is the QTie Pie, Annie bot, and Dom where all huge assholes, and
    tyler kept his cool way better then they did, they realised it was him bot
    and they tried their hardest to piss him off by 4-5 man ganking constantly,
    a little bit of respect was lost for qtie pie, dom, and annie bot today.

  46. omg nice video guys xD

  47. People don’t care if you’re good at the game, they care if you’re mean to
    them or say bad words.
    Tyler’s probably one of the best Draven players in the world. I’d rather
    have a toxic master player on my team than some beta Silver fuckboi

  48. how is tyler1 master?

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