What Would Link Do? (The Jimquisition)

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Because I apparently hate myself, I’m talking about gender-related stuff in videogames. So I’VE got a fun day lined up!

Anyway, ’s not a girl, isn’t , and ’s reasons for this situation are total bollocks.

And that’s my problem. Not the situation. The bollocks.

Bonus JQ Theme Tune provides by Carl Catron: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8VYX4jDH63c


  1. Smexy saxophone is best saxophone.

  2. careful that nintendo dont come after you to ask for a share of the profit
    from your review. theyve done this before. Their online practices are
    fucking bullshit

  3. Maybe they just don’t want to put a girl link into the game.

  4. Candy Vegetables and darkness

    I don’t think that link should be female, but a playable Zelda could be

  5. Mirage Gaocariomon

    There is an easy mode in Dark Souls. It’s called a strength build.

  6. Oh come on! It’s Link! It’s a male elf – that’s the end of it. To suddenly
    have him be a girl isn’t progressive; it’d be downright stupid!

    Some things just are what they are – not EVERYTHING has to be changed to
    have a woman in it instead. It’s an RPG with a lore and universe of it’s
    own; can’t people just accept that?

    How would it be a “positive and interesting thing” for Link to be a woman?
    It wouldn’t add anything. You know what would be better? A brand new, high
    quality IP with a female protagonist. That would be interesting, instead of
    lazily slapping a woman on everything already popular.

    How would it work in reverse? Can’t we have a male character in Tomb
    Raider? No? Oh wait, instead, a company went out and made Uncharted, a new
    IP, and did it that way. Because that makes sense, because each IP has a
    lead character to market. Done. Finished.

  7. i liked your idea of a timeline where link is old an teaches zelda to

  8. +1 to Nintendo for sticking up against SJWs and feminists.

  9. How many stunt doubles does Jim Sterling have? Have we ever seen the real
    Jim Sterling? Are they all just stunt doubles?

  10. Come to me, cover me, hold me
    Together we’ll break these chains of love
    Don’t give up
    (Don’t give)
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    Together with me and my baby
    Break the chains of love

  11. It’s obviously some cultural differences that we don’t get. For Japanese it
    probably makes more sense as to why the Triforce needs some sort of a
    gender balance, maybe something connected to ying-yang, I don’t know. Maybe
    the journalists who interviewed Aonuma should have clarified that, because
    it does sound nonsensical on the surface.

  12. No one is upset that you cant play a female Kratos, no one is upset that we
    cant play a female Nathan Drake, no one is upset that we couldnt play a
    female Geralt of Rivia, no one is upset when we cant play a girl in Ratchet
    and Clank, no one bitched when we couldn’t play a female Master Chief. Its
    not that I dont think a female character would be cool, or that I have
    anything against that, I just dont understand why everyone has such a stick
    up their ass and feels the need to give Nintendo so much shit about not
    doing a thing that there shouldn’t be any expectation for in the first

  13. I’m impartial to the idea, but it sounds like people want a female Link for
    its own sake. If you really wanted to make things more interesting, you’d
    want a Zelda focused, magic-heavy game instead of just asking for Link with
    wider hips.

  14. Agreed. The Witcher 2 was just alright.

  15. WHY does it matter even in the slightest which sex the main character has?
    You don´t hear anyone pressuring Eidos making Lara Croft into a dude.
    Because it doesn´t fucking matter.

  16. What did amuse me about all this was seeing the new Link in the newest
    game. – Link’s always looked a bit on the feminine side, but this iteration
    takes that to a whole new level. XD
    I mean, sure, you start off almost naked, and as such it’s obvious there’s
    no… uhh… Boobs.
    But just look at that face… XD

    Even compared to the other recent versions of link… Seriously. That is a
    very ambiguous face. XD

  17. Meh, Link should always be a boy. We don’t need more women leads in video
    games. They don’t “empower” anybody, they just deter customers at this
    point. I’m sure a lot of people would skip the new Zelda if Link was a girl
    all of a sudden.

  18. Арсений Брилёв

    Jim, you are completely wrong!

    Vanquish was great!

  19. 6:02 female = wisdom

  20. GamerGirlOfGotham

    ah ah oh this comment section is gonna be pretty.

    I just find it really amusing so many people are so violently against
    female link when he was designed to be gender ambiguous in the first place.


  21. It’s like when Ubisoft said 30 fps just looks better for some games. It’s
    being talked down to that’s the problem. They should just own it and say;
    you know what, we can’t make it run smoothly at 60 fps yet.

  22. Sonic The Hedgehog

    Your idea for an old link was pretty good actually!

  23. You mean to tell me that the same series where you were trapped inside of a
    giant’s fish’s dream can’t come up with a creative reason to have a female
    playable character? And that tri-force excuse… There couldn’t be an
    instance where Link and Zelda were both reincarnated as different genders?

  24. I want a male Samus in the next metroid

  25. You’re not PC enough until Link is going to be a half black, half latino,
    transage, pansexual vegan muslim.

  26. Where can I petition youtube to require people to watch a video first
    before commenting?

  27. plot twist links sex is set but you can choose his gender.

  28. IAmAnApeJustLikeYou Ape

    I dont get it. Why a woman? I would personaly like it if link for a change
    could be a dog…. no wait thats done… >.> Em…. I would like for link
    to be a hat. YES. Why cant link be a hat. Those who find that ide stupid.
    To play the hat link. You are racist, sexist and all that other stuff. D:

    I dont like the ide of a female link….. playing as zelda or some other
    caracter within that universe however seems like a realy good ide. Its
    called zelda. So I always believd that link was zelda… at least for a few
    years. When I found out I was like… WHY. Its called Zelda. Why the hell
    am I not playing as her then?

    I guess I don’t like the ide of a female link, for I feel that would be a
    forced change. Theres so much gender politics these days. And I truly dont
    get it. Females want to be represented. >.> So is the problem that link has
    a dick? Are links personality so diffrent form a females that you can’t
    relate? He has always seemed to be realy feminin to me too so I realy dont
    get it.
    I dont feel as a gender. I dont feel male. And I cant imagen feeling
    female. :/ But I suppose some people feel that? >.> I wonder how many other
    feelings people have that some other don’t.

    I suppose they could do somthing like pokemon. Where you deside your
    caracters gender before the game starts…. Are we even talking that the
    caracter has to look diffrent? Or is it just that the text have to say she
    insted of he? >.>

    If I was Nintendo, I would probably not do a female link purely due to the
    climbing animation. >.> If not having a female link is bad, then showing
    female links ass will get protests going. >.>

  29. Jim making all the sense, as usual. o/

  30. Where is my male Tomb Raider!

  31. CharlieWafles BR

    There’s gotta be some creative reason behind changing the gender of one of
    gaming’s most beloved characters. Doing it just for the sake of it is
    bullshit and it’s only there to appease feminists and SJWs.

  32. Jim seriously? If Link was the one in trouble the last person the Hylians
    would do is send the third and final piece of the triforce to meet up with
    the other two (link with courage) and (Gannondorf with power). They would
    send an army after him but never just zelda herself that would make ZERO

  33. I personally read that triforce balance bullshit as ‘women can’t be
    I honestly wouldn’t have given a shit, were it not for the bullshit Aonuma
    spouted about this. Link bein male never bothered me before, so why should
    it bother me now?
    Aonumas excuses showcase a mindset of: Men are useless if they can’t rescue
    a woman. Women therefore need to be rescued and protected and can’t step
    into other roles. Also they are incapable of being curageous apparently.
    This is what bothers me. It shows such a closed mindedness. Also ‘courage’
    doesn’t neccissarily mean fighting. And a Story where Link, male or female
    or whatever has to actually go out and find his courage strikes me as

    On a side note I think alternating gameplay with diffrent gameplay styles
    between link and Zelda would have been awesome. Make Link more openly
    combat oriented to showcase his courage and Zelda more magic, stealth and
    puzzle based to showcase her wisdom, for example.

  34. I don’t see why Link’s sex matters. I can’t think of a single moment in any
    of the Zelda games that I played where Link’s sex affected the gameplay.
    What is it you people want, tokens or video games?

  35. they shouldn’t change link’s gender anymore than they should change mario’s
    gender. both are generic non-speaking or close to non-speaking main
    characters. With that being said I would love it if they started adding a
    choice to either play as link or zelda.that might actually force them to
    start writing zelda in a more interesting and productive role then what
    she’s played in the past so that either one of them can fulfill said role
    and seem natural.

  36. Jim. Japanese (and Chinese) culture is very different than American
    culture. It’s a commonality to be fed lines of shit than the person owning
    up to their decisions. The reason for this is because Asians (broad brush
    painting, I know) don’t want to lose face with anyone. In Chinese, this is
    known as “Guanxi” (guan she).

    To give you an example, I got lost in Shanghai once. When I asked for
    directions, the man on the street gave me one direct path to follow. When I
    didn’t reach my destination, I asked another person, and he told me to go
    back the way I came. I went back to the store where I asked the first
    person, and he started feeding me lines of shit, “Oh, it’s in this area
    close to the mall.” I told him I was already there and asked around, so he
    went to his friends in the back and brought them out to ask where the place
    was that I was looking for.

    There was literally a group of Chinese men pointing fingers at a location
    nobody knew, like it was a space/time anomaly. When I used my GPS (my phone
    was dead and it was charging), it showed that the destination was literally
    right across the street; nowhere near the location that anybody said it was

    Why did they do this? Why couldn’t they just tell me, “I don’t know, check
    over there.” Well, they don’t want to lose face. Reputation means
    everything to them. They would rather feed you lines of incomprehensible
    shit until it’s dropped than to EVER having to admit they were wrong. Being
    seen as wrong means you’re unreliable to them and that to them breaks up

    I think this is why the Japanese developers gave you that incomprehensible

  37. Wait… If changing Link into a girl messes with the balance of the
    triforce… Does that mean either Ganon or Link are intersex?

  38. Francisco Hernandez

    girls love link, it would be stupid a girl link…

  39. Would sherlock holmes solve mysteries better if he was a woman? Would it
    actually change anything if we just had a gender swapped link with “she”
    instead of “he” in the dialogues? Why can’t people enjoy something that
    someone made without trying to change things to suit their own needs?

  40. Look, my stance on the whole fem-link thing is that (and this is for all
    you creative vision advocates out there) if their story involves Link ( As
    a Man) saving the princess, Then THAT IS THE STORY. That is their creative
    vision! And I think Nintendo is right, even though they worded it in a
    crappy way, once a brand and character is established, it is hard to change
    that mold. And Jim seems to think the same.

  41. People are still bitching about link not being a girl? If it’s not broken
    why fix/change it.

  42. Can I add that the CDI had 3 games featuring Zelda as the main character ?

  43. oh here’s an idea on how to give link to do something, make the game co-op!
    Have Link and Zelda go on the adventure together, with Zelda wanted to tag
    along because she wants to do like this whole crime-fighting Duo thing and
    insisted she comes along to protect her own kingdom. so you’d have a
    sorceress and a Swordsman going around adventuring together and when
    there’s no player two the other is controlled by an AI, so you can choose
    to play as a link or Zelda. have fun bantering dialogue between the two
    like Zelda making a crack at link always destroying all the pots and
    people’s houses by the beginning of the game but by the end she is hooping
    and hollering for joy as you destroy pots together. so just imagine a co-op
    Zelda game in the open-world of Majora’s Mask or Ocarina of Time or maybe
    even Wind Waker, where Link and Zelda adventure together to stop Ganondorf.
    in the whole Co-op aspect a player could drop into the character not in
    control of player 1, so you could have a buddy play along. it’d be
    interesting and fun and breathe some life into the franchise, and it’s not
    like we haven’t had Zelda Adventure with link before. so Nintendo to answer
    your question that’s how you make link be able to do something with Zelda
    as a playable character, Co-op adventuring. and you could call it Legend of
    Zelda the Brave and the Wise.

  44. The simplest thing to do? Add Linkle! She was added to Hyrule Warrior
    Legends, so add her to this game. Just edit a skin so you can play her.
    Pokemon had no issues with a female character, so Linkle shouldn’t be hard

  45. They already made a female link for warriors, there is no reason she
    couldn’t be in wilds.

  46. I think it’s ridiculous they’re in a position of having to justify the sex
    of Link in the first place.

  47. So everyone wants Link to be a lass but can’t handle Aiden being black.
    This generation of humans amuses me.

  48. This whole shit is simply a bunch of people shouting at walls, or painting
    their walls (Without paying attention or caring.)

    To start things off – Japan has a different culture. Japan still has a big
    importance on gender roles, and while women are given a number of rights to
    equalize that (And women are capable of running a career.), the importance
    of gender roles is still there. Japanese want their games and stuff a
    certain way, and Nintendo understand that market the best.. They simply
    can’t understand the whole shit we’ve had in the western world about the
    progressives trying to force women and minorities into every role where
    they weren’t previously. So they still see the importance of having a male
    MC in a role that they’re comfortable with.

    Secondly the progressive feminists should be interested in the game, not
    focus on “Who shall we play with and do we have a choice in terms of
    gender”. That should be a non-issue in gaming. Why do we have to CARE about
    gender? We are playing games because of everything we can do in them – “Oh
    construction mechanics in Zelda? I would first need to know if I can play
    as a woman? Oh I can’t? Then fuck that!”.. We are currently seeing more
    female MC’s with no option of playing a male character, but we enjoy those
    games.. Now suddenly it’s not good enough to simply have a good game?
    People are simply getting side-tracked, and forgetting why we play these

    P.S: This ending though – That was the best thing about this episode! xD

  49. People randomly wanting Link to be female makes no sense in the first
    place. Don’t people like the Zelda franchise as it is?
    Lets make a Rambo movie but this time Rambo is a girl! Why? Because… uh
    Lets make a James Bond movie but this time… oh wait.
    Zelda and Link are an artistic, solid creation, they are what they are. If
    people want a ”female link” then Nintendo should just make a different
    franchise of the same game genre featuring a female as protagonist (kinda
    like Tomb Raider vs Uncharted). Just don’t go full retard SJW. Don’t fix
    whats not broken.

  50. Purely out of interest: Xbox One and PS4 – are either genuinely good, or
    does anyone else feel the same as me that both are underpowered

  51. I’m female, and I don’t like the idea of female protagonists beings forced
    into games just for the sake of pleasing a bunch of whining, unappreciative
    ‘fans’. Who cares about the gender of the character? if anything, I much
    prefer playing as males than females

  52. if men and women are equal
    what’s the big deal with them picking a man?
    complaining about it just seems sexist to me..

  53. Dont be so presumptuous, Jim. you think us ‘red pill swallowing’ bros are
    going to get uppity about this?
    well, i resent that. As a feminist would say: ‘Im offended!’

    A female Link is a very intriguing idea. It would make sense and its a
    fresh take on a character that’s essentially more of a bloodline than a
    single person. Every Zelda game is just the same thing with a fresh coat of
    paint anyways, so why not?
    Take this in contrast with an all-female Ghostbusters; a franchise that
    didnt need a reboot, sequel, or reinterpretation.. female cast or no.

    Nintendo has a history at being very traditional, narrow midset when it
    comes to progressive ideas in their games. And just like the baker that
    doesnt want to bake a cake for a gay wedding, they have a right to act or
    not act on these vales…. they just have to deal with the backlash and
    criticism from the free forum of ideas.

    Thats America, Jim… Thats how America works.
    So yeah, I guess you’re right about a progressive issue in a game, for

  54. Fubbert Bombadil

    Why make a character that’s been male since the 80s suddenly female?
    Ultimately if I can choose my gender I don’t really care.

    But there is absolutely no logical reason for gender diversity in gaming.
    And the sjw and feminist or whatever the fuck pandering is really getting
    out of hand.

  55. Isenberg Irishfox (Mririshfox)

    p.s you say you don’t care… but you made a video about it

  56. Grammar Nazi AUS

    So Nintendo footage… Where’s the use of copyright deadlock?

  57. Hyrule warriors also had linkette and she was GTA badass

  58. The heart he did with his fingers was just perfect! OCD satisfaction at
    it’s finest.

  59. Riccardo “CapRichard” Piccinini

    The Triforce balance is actually pretty self evident, after playing Skyward
    Sword. One of them must be the perpetual demon entity (Ganon), the other
    the manifestation of the goddes hylya and the other one the chosen hero.
    Self fulfilling prophecy and all that and I find it a valid “excuse”. The
    first one, “what to do with Link?” Is bonkers, but Aonuma hardly is the
    best designer around the world.

  60. AStandsForFrench

    no shocker, the comments on this video are the stupidest shit imaginable

  61. … Hm. Granted, changing Zelda’s underlying formula in any extreme is
    always going to be iffy, but if I were…

    Forget Zelda – I’d go with the more interesting “pseudo” Zelda that is
    Tetra from Wind Waker. If you wanted to do a “buddy” game where Link has a
    female companion that isn’t just a glorified hints menu/brain stabbing
    annoyance, go with her.

    Pirate Chick not do it for you? Okay, no Pirate Chick – let’s go with
    Midna. She’s even more interesting, at least conceptually, and even comes
    baked in with metaphysical reasons for creating whole new game sections
    with divergent mechanics.

    Really, though, expecting fundamental character upheavals from Zelda of all
    games is just… seriously? … People have no excuse not to know better,
    let alone any excuse to get upset.

  62. Personally, I think asking for link to be a woman is silly. Link is his own
    character and that character is a guy… but why can’t he have a sister we
    can play? If they really want to break conventions, have the hero not be a
    triforce bearer for once. Have them rescue the triforce bearers who became
    targets BECAUSE of their triforce piece.

    They’re trying so hard to break the Zelda conventions they are turning a
    puzzle adventure
    game into a survival sandbox game… but they’re not giving us any freedom
    on who we want to be in that sandbox. Forget just gender, how cool would it
    be to play as a Zora? Or a Rito?? I’d love to be a Rito living off the
    land! 😀

    Or, as mentioned, why not just give the option to play as Zelda? The
    mechanics could be the exact same in-game, and it would only require simple
    choice from the player at the start of the game. The choice situation isn’t
    even hard to set up, here, watch this:

    Beginning of the game, heroes are already locked in combat with Ganon or
    some other massive evil. Their forces are over powered, they underestimated
    this threat. The evil summons a vortex thing to send them to the dark world
    where they will be at his mercy. There is only time for one of them to
    escape the pull of the vortex, only one of them can get the magic thingy
    they need, Link or Zelda. Chose one, intro ends, play as them on your quest
    to gain the power needed to not only reach the dark world, but defeat the
    villain and save your friend, (and the kingdom) from evil.

    Done and done. (vuv) b

  63. Nintendo probably didn’t come out and say “We wanted to do a story about
    men” because they were rightly scared of the response from the fucking
    insane SJW crowd

  64. びんびんごはんケーキー

    Anything can become controversy if you bitch enough about it

  65. If having Link be a girl would mess with the triforce somehow…. does that
    mean Link is non-binary confirmed??

  66. I find it funny that some people I’ve seen, will make the argument that we
    should always have a choice to change male character’s genders. But they
    won’t ever ask the same from female characters.

  67. It doesn’t matter, but being able to pick the gender for Link makes MUCH
    more sense than it would in other franchises (like say, Metroid) Link is
    never the same Link, and with no spoken or written dialog it’d be easy to
    program a female Link model into the game.

  68. Benjamin Stannard

    Seriously, your angry about a translation from Japanese answer to a
    question that was asked in English and translated. Such ignorance on Jim’s

  69. “The Triforce is made up of Princess Zelda, Ganon and Link. Princess Zelda
    is obviously female. If we made Link a female we thought that would mess
    with the balance of the Triforce. That’s why we decided not to do it.”

    -Eiji Aonuma, talking to Kotaku.

    Wait… hold on, let me get this straight. Does that mean the three
    representatives of the triforce represent three distinct genders? Does that
    make Ganon inter-sex or something? Goodness the questions here!

    The irony here, too is that no mater the gender of each hero/villian of
    each piece of the triforce, they’re each represented by one Goddess. Huh.

  70. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again…WHO FUCKING CARES?

    If you’re so hung up on a character not being a certain gender and you’re
    so concerned about your fucking need to feel represented in every thing
    ever made then it probably says that you’re insecure as fuck. Or you’re a
    straight up narcissist.

  71. About that triforce explanation… are they saying Ganon is somewhere in
    the middle, like a eunuch or a hermaphrodite? That would explain the
    balance. Maybe Link and Zelda are the son and daughter, and Ganon’s the
    papa (that’d explain the need for Link to be male)?

  72. Nintendo has already proven themselves wrong to boot, Link has already
    shown up in a Zelda game as an NPC before(Twilight Princess)

  73. Nintendo doesn’t want to deal with the “outrage” that would come from
    saying “Nope didn’t want to” because lets be honest there would be
    “outrage” over it.

  74. #triggered . but anyways how fucking stupid Links male always has been just
    cuz regressive politics are trying to shove their way into the gaming
    industry doesn’t mean we have to fucking add superficial bullshit diversity
    into eveything so a select few losers get their way.

  75. I kinda call bullshit on Nintendo as well (that being said I will get
    Zelda:BotW day one) because why introduce Linkle why does she exist was she
    only a hyrule warriors only character Bullshit I say linkle is awesome

  76. i love how everyone is interpreting this as Jim saying “Femlink should be a
    thing!” instead of “Aonuma’s excuse was bullshit!”

    did y’all even watch the video or.

  77. I haven’t played a Zelda game before so I just wanted to ask.
    Is each Zelda game set in the same universe? Is Link a single character or
    is it more like the name of the hero chosen by the goddess? Is Zelda just
    the name of the Royal blood?
    Cos I had always assumed until this video that Link and Zelda were the same
    people in each game, just in a different universes or something.

  78. So it’s ‘progressive’ to change the sex of a male character to a female? I
    love it when these social justice idiots just contradict their own
    groundless logic.

    And Jim shutup, your problem obviously isn’t with the bad excuse, otherwise
    you wouldn’t try to justify a female link. Maybe a masculine role is played
    better by a male character? But obviously Nintendo doesn’t want to say that
    because a bunch of man children will cry sexism and shit their pants.

  79. Vote Linkle!

  80. Link is a dude, making him a girl or even the possibility of choosing a
    girl really takes away from the story. When I play a high fantasy story
    driven single player game I want immersion as much as possible. Don’t break
    the fourth wall.

  81. Wish everyone were cool about it, that N would just say, Link will always
    be a guy, but you can have/play Linkle or Zelda. And that the other side
    weren’t so loaded with agenda, that just a lot more girls are playing video
    games and would like to play as a girl, which is fine nowadays. I’d rather
    play with and look at a girl character. But that side wants to distort
    reality saying that men and women are equal when it’s obvious they have
    different biological roles, physical differences like strength
    capabilities, and a different mental state.

  82. Ironear Vuvuzela

    Considering Link was originally conceived as a generic player analogue
    (literally the LINK between player and game) and therefore has very few
    consistent and identifiable traits to begin with, there really isn’t any
    reason why he needs to be stuck as either male OR female.
    There would be very few narrative changes in ANY given Zelda game if Link
    were a woman, aside from some weird comments occasionally made by female
    side characters wanting to bone him.
    Hell, Nintendo already removed one of the only defining characteristics of
    Link; his left-handedness, in order to more closely reflect the
    characteristics of the player in Skyward Sword, and it appears this trend
    has continued in this new game. Surely it isn’t a stretch to add in a
    female Link.

  83. Lord Funface The Atomic Toaster

    It’s funny how strong, intelligent women are never feminists and don’t moan
    about women in videogames.

  84. video game industry is a BOYS only club.
    men will never be inclusive. you want segregation, then fine have it. enjoy
    your hand.

  85. Only thing I got a problem with is the reasoning. If they’d say that Link
    is a man because the creators wanted him to be and that’s their vision,
    that would be that. Now I just think that they’re trying to make excuses
    not to “look bad”.

    Make a game how you want it to be made, Nintendo, and be proud of it. Don’t
    make excuses.

  86. The real reason Link can’t be female in this game, not even with Linkle as
    an option they have to them, is definitely because of the modern armor
    system that is in the game… because for some bloody reason our society
    has apparently decided that portraying dudes in naught but their undies, or
    even outright naked, is perfectly fine but portraying females in their
    undies, or in anything that shows any skin at all really, why that is
    “sexist.” Bollocks.

  87. MSZSNeoBahamut19

    I hate to disagree somewhat and state that: Is it so bad to have good male
    AND female protagonists that are NOT in the same game? Maybe, instead of
    gender swapping Link (as tends to be a trend of late, the whole “lets take
    X character and make them Y gender because EQUALITY!” thing…), Nintendo
    should invest in starting up a new IP that *GASP* focuses upon a FEMALE
    protagonist at its core. This would lead to some *HEAVY BREATHING*
    innovation in the market and allow Nintendo to bring about yet another *EVEN
    HEAVIER BREATHING* IP that is original that we could look forward to
    sequels of in the future. This would make their brand stronger AND, at the
    same time mind you, more widespread. That’s the problem that gender
    swapping has, it literally just reuses old content instead of innovating.
    What’s the point honestly? Just do something original, make some original
    and memorable characters. Take the Mad Max series for instance. People
    rallied for a Furiosa spinoff…. Spinoffs are not what Mad Max is about,
    having strong female characters appear during Max’s adventures is… There
    have been multiple. Leave that series as is, where the male protagonist is
    a silent badass and he frequently encounters equally badass females out in
    the post apocalyptic world. I’m actually excited to see what comes after
    both Aunty Entity and Furiosa! You want a badass female lead? Be brave, be
    original, make a new IP for god sake!

    And where the fuck is Beyond Good & Evil 2 ffs?

  88. that jazz intro doe

  89. IF you wanna make a Zelda game featuring Zelda, make it so Ganon somehow
    interrupted the Reincarnation cycle, and Zelda (looking awefully similar to
    Shiek) needs set out and fix something NO ONE ELSE can fix because none of
    them are reincarnations of a Goddess.

    As for the rest of it, They should just say the truth. These games are
    based on the imaginary world Myamoto built in his head as a kid, and Link
    is Myamoto in that world. just say it, and be done with it, then get a
    slightly smaller team to build an AU game of zelda saving link, or of
    Ganondorf trying to make a better life for his people, and having to make
    tougher and tougher choices until the player character is a straight up
    evil mother fucker. I would be in line for all three games.

  90. Russell williams

    im not a big zelda fan, but i would have liked to play an adventure as
    zelda, or have the opetion to do so it could have been fun. it would have
    been easy to have the other charater drop in and out of the games story ,
    as there off doing other things.
    what i would have objected to was changing the gender of a long established
    character just because.

  91. Well I kind of see what they’re going for with the triforce argument…
    sorta. I think there was a bit that was lost in translation.

    You kinda have this thing with the Triforce where Zelda and Ganondorf are
    the two corners and Link is in the middle. you have the
    Male/aggressive/dark, and the Female/passive/light, and in between them *linking
    them together* is this force of change and choice called Link. A link
    between both sides, between dark and light, between aggressiveness and
    passivity, and even between male and female archetypes. When one side gets
    out of balance (and for the structure of the game, it’s pretty much always
    the dark side and usually Ganondorf), it’s down to Link to restore the

    Basically the core of the plot is, good, bad and neutral are supposed to
    live in balance, when bad goes too far, and good can’t contain it, neutral
    steps off the fence and forces bad back into line. That means that the core
    of the essense of Link is pure neutrality, just like the core of Zelda is
    pure goodness (in a Japanese sense) and the form of Ganondorf is pure
    aggression. And it’s that neutrality that forms the core of the resistance
    to the idea of sexualizing Link in any way.

    That said it might be fun to see a Zeda game where you get halfway through
    and realize that it was Zelda causing all the problems this time. It would
    refresh the series quite a bit IMHO.

    Anyway, in that scheme Link isn’t really male or female per se, instead
    he’s about as close to a neutral gender identity as it’s possible for a
    species with only two main sexuality options to be. Let’s be honest, Link
    himself is functionally androgynous, usually drawn quite young so that
    that’s less weird, but I don’t think there’s been a single game in which
    Link’s sexuality has been a factor in any actual way. I don’t see any major
    reason why he couldn’t be an androgynous female instead of androgynously
    male, except that making the character overtly female is actually a step
    away from the pure neutrality of the archetype.

    And in that sense — choosing an overt gender identity for Link is actually
    a step away from that neutrality. Maybe a small one, but a step. This isn’t
    the only series that puts you in a pretty much empty vessel character and
    lets you make your own choices and see how they change things but I think
    that in the case of Link, that that neutrality is central to the whole idea
    of the creators, that the intent of the creators is, thal formal neutrality
    is all Link is ever supposed to be.

    This is not necessarily what I believe, but it kind of speaks to the
    underlying context of that one argument that he made and hopefully provides
    a bit of the context that was clearly lost in translation.

    Anyway I have a far better reason for Link to never ever ever ever be
    female. Do you see what far too many Japanese creators do with their female
    characters? leeeeeeeeeeet’s not go there.

  92. End my Suffering

    Starbuck Gnomes lets make this a thing

  93. PonzooonTheGreat

    Given the state of AC Unity they probably actually didn’t have time!

  94. I also like the idea of Link being an old, retired and battle-hardened
    veteran hero training the new generation of heroes.

  95. You know, you don’t go up to a painter in the middle of painting and go,
    “Whoa that looks really nice, but use this color here instead.”
    “Well actually the color is meant to…”
    “No, no, no that color gets used all the time, I wanna see this one and so
    do other people, so use this instead.”
    “But you see…”
    “Fine! Use both colors or make a version with each.”

    When it comes down to it there has to be a respect for the integrity of
    one’s art. I know the capitalism surrounding some things makes it seem like
    we own it has a community, but the Zelda games are all the creators works
    of art and love. You can’t just go in and start trying to tweak things. I
    think the reasoning is a bit lost in translation and has more to do with
    the way the characters are seen on a deeper thematic nature that is
    supposed to run throughout the series. I’m down to see more women
    characters though. Glad to see that getting more attention.

  96. (The real answer is because Japan is conservative as all hell)

  97. Trustworthy McLegitimate

    can you please choose another bloody song???

  98. You have to be delusional to think fans would not care about gender
    swapping an established character.

  99. Dear Jim Sterling, I want to work for you. We both share the same dance
    style and we both have a strong hatred for capitalism in our video games.
    Sadly I am not gay but surely we can work on that. Please give a loser and
    fellow Marxist a job.

  100. What the heck is that starfighter footage from? What game is that? Because
    I want to play it.

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