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ヅMass Effect Andromedaヅ

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  1. How did a bunch of Slavs probably drunk make the Witcher 3 a way better looking game that came out 2 years ago. Seriously even mass effect 1 looks better.

  2. “mr owl ate my metal worm” is the same backwards. did u ever think about that? no, you only think about yourself.

  3. Hahaha that running! Looks like running and taking a shit at the same time!

  4. A quote from a Bioware founder “EA gives you enough rope to hang yourself”… that’s where this game went wrong

  5. SJWs infesting Bioware is where it went wrong. They’re overrun with anti-white racists, anti-male feminists, and other social justice warriors. Those types of people CAN NOT focus on ANYTHING other than their cancerous fucking ideology– and EVERYTHING ELSE (like their ACTUAL JOBS) takes a distant backseat to their racist, man-hating tweets, and their whining about GTA V mods that they’re intolerant of, and their constant bullshit about how much “diversity” is “needed” in the video game industry, and every other typical, horseshit SJW talking point. RIP Bioware… you SJW cunts WILL NOT BE MISSED. Take your radical-leftist ideology, and shove it up your pathetic assholes.

  6. CrazyHermioneGranger

    Yes, the animation is shitty, but some of the comments on this vid are just ????

    People are truly ignorant arseholes.

  7. you fucking degenerate you didn’t make enough research you see, mass effect andromeda is set in a parallel universe in which micheal jackson conquered the universe and substituted everyone with robots, failing miserably because as we all know the only thing he can program are moonwalks so everyone is emotionless and unable to human

  8. Bioware isn’t bioware , just in name only. This isn’t the same group of people who made the old rpgs like Neverwinter ,Baldur’s Gate, Icewindlade and Mass Effect 1. Bioware now is run by a bunch of “social justice” zealots who think having anyone remotely attractive in a video game is “oppressive” since it marginalizes people who are ugly in real life. I wish i was exaggerating but im not. Look up that dude Manveer and you’ll know what im talking about. The game is still fun , but its the cinematic conversatoins and cutscenes which make mass effect stand out and that right now has essentially been botched ….royally. I wish i could get over it , but i cant since it keeps happening all the time. Like imagine your character is about to give a final epic speech and then the wonky animation just ruins everything. Thats how it is right now, i played the early access and i enjoyed the gameplay and multiplayer , everything else like character , dialouges and writing is BAD. Im gutted.


  10. I think there’s something kind of fucked up about that you have to take away a woman’s beauty to make her more than a sex object. You can still make attractive characters and make them more than just a vagina. I don’t know, maybe give them an interesting personality instead of just making them fucking weird looking while still defining a woman off of her looks. For example, in the latest Tomb Raider, Lara Croft is still hot as fuck but she’s more than just that. That is how you successfully pull of having an attractive female character without just making her only purpose to be pretty. You don’t have to take away a woman’s beauty to give her a purpose or a personality.

  11. I don’t understand… they look like real women… why does this make people mad
    “What the actual fuck is this” *shows the average asian woman*

  12. Mass Effect is a game where the story is essentially apart of the core experience. Even if Mass Effect Andromeda has good gameplay, it wouldn’t justify the shit cutscenes you’d have to suffer through.

  13. what a disgrace, this is why I play board games now.

    Local co-op and pure mechanics/theme. Still underground enough not to have been taken over by mental rejects, which is unfortunately where videogames are right now.

  14. $40 million? That number seems incredibly low to me for a AAA franchise backed by EA.

  15. I am super offendet its not okay to hit Black People’s?

  16. Wanderlei "Job is Job" Cormier

    WSJ: Pewdiepie makes SHALLOW and SEXIST video ridiculing FEMALE character’s looks

  17. I’m sorry but I still think it’s a good game. Just my honest opinion.
    The facial animations are enough to decrease my immersion, but only barely.
    The game shouldn’t ruin anyone’s love for Mass Effect, even if you do hate this game for any reason. Especially because the main purpose of this game was to turn the Mass Effect formula on its head by dumbing down the story driven aspect and honing in on RPG elements. Name the last full fledged RPG you’ve played that actually had good animations across the board. Because I can’t think of any. The funny thing is, the animations look like they would be rather magnificent if the game wasn’t so buggy.

  18. Hi guys, there’s a Nintendo Switch giveaway going on at giveaways711. com

  19. When one of your video is in Pewdiepie’s video. I am so proud!

  20. I used to not like you for many years but this had me in a fit. Fucking HILARIOUS bro thanks for coming out against the establishment and being funny at the same time, you have gained my support.
    Looks like indie games become more and more what I play. They are closer in creativity and experience to the smaller budget/scale games of our childhood.
    This game looks beta and worse than god damn launch no mans sky (which I loved but hated the early bugs). But difference was NMS was a mostly indie effort until sony came along.

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