What parents should know about the online survival game Fortnite

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Some are raising over whether their children can become addicted or to while playing an online survival game that is drawing millions of young players.


  1. Did I fall in a hole and end up in the 80s again? You know, the LAST time a GOP president who took millions in campaign donations from the NRA decided to blame an entirely unrelated industry for something a group that directly profits from gun sales is probably more involved in?

    Does NO ONE else remember that entire 10 year period where this was the big argument, and EVERY COGNITIVE SCIENTIST IN THE COUNTRY scrambled to be the first to prove it, and all of them found that violent video games have zero correlation with aggression or violence in real life? Every single one of them?

    Oh wait, silly me, I thought I was on the news. I’m on Good Morning America, where they just babble for hours and somehow say zero intelligent words. Just look at the expert you brought in – bs he plays with his kids, he thinks “the unique thing” about Fortnite is a gaming feature that’s been around for 15 years now.


    Fornite is only gonna get bigger from this

  3. Rowan millholland

    Why not focus on trying to stop mass killings in America? Why focus on video games?

  4. Leave it to ABC News to agree with a statement that has been proved incorrect within the psychology field again and again. ESRB ratings already exist, if a parent is concerned their child is playing too much video games then they can be an actual parent and force them to get offline rather than writing blogs about it.

  5. I have about 15 days played so far 😅

  6. Fortnite is too cartoony and silly to be considered serious, they should be talking about PuBg since it could be something to worry about

  7. I lost brain cells watching this video.

  8. Really? Fortnite? I can understand PUBG but not fortnite look at the graphics xD Also theres not blood and guts this is just my opinion

  9. I honestly cant play a game for longer than an hour because then I just get really burnt out of the game

  10. Itz Shock Extreme Life

    I don’t get how this is a big deal it’s just a videogame

  11. https://www.google.com/amp/s/psmag.com/.amp/news/does-the-media-cause-mass-shootings

    The Copycat effect folks. It’s media outlets like these that cause mass shootings; not video games.

  12. It’s the parents fault they don’t try to spend time with there kids. They just want to blame someone and not themselves

  13. Why doesn’t the mom just tell them to get off

  14. Fortnite = school shooting? Seems legit

  15. Didn’t hear anything bad about video games in this video, except that it should be done in moderation. I agree, don’t know why everyone is upset in this thread for. The sport doctor was being fair with his advice, I think people need to watch the whole video before assuming anything.

  16. Get better gameplay, they can’t kill a player.

  17. I got 546 hours on this game, anyone else😂👌🏽

  18. Am I the only one who got cringed from this video?

  19. Parents need to learn to parent

  20. Make this more disliked than Infinite Warfare!!

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