We’ll come back.

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A about :GO.

Why are you so, toxic like ,
When did you stop being the cs I know, You
used to be about headshots and wins,
now you just talk about skins

Where have you gone, What are you on,
If its power then, can I buy some.
How dare you stand where he stood,
you were get_right now you’re get_good,

Divided in two but at least we have prime,
spend 3 dollars and hope for a dime…
1 step forward and 5 ranks back,
Sometimes I don’t why we still

, ,
we come back unlike cause got vacd,
we come back, we come back,
1 out of 2 isnt bad, hacks.

Why are these things still things,
If allu these redbulls could give me wings,
to fly away, to try one day, back to
yesterday… but then we’d be

Back to reality,
where capitalizing is key,
And if thats the case then shout at me,
cause I’d prefer if we rushed b.

When did this become cool,
gambling lives away in middle school,
didn’t you know we would throw, if
I bet I shoulda been banned a long time ago

Cause I think I’ve got a clue,
why I keep on comin back to you,
I think its cause we’re family.
But sadly my parents are jews.

We come back, we come back,
our parents are jews but still we come back,
we come back, we come back,
flusha cheats

I think doesn’t stop hacks, that well
does that make me anti-vacc?
If thats the case, then call me kqly,
cause kqly never came back

But honestly, why do we,
come back after everything that we’ve seen,
I think its cause we’re family,
disfunctional though it might seem.

Through backaches, and headshakes,
we’ve been through it all,
heartbreaks and mistakes,
the rise and the fall,

We’re rushing B, but B is stacked,
The ninjas are down… but they’ll come back,
we’ll come back. we’ll come back
we’ll come back… we’ll come back,
we’ll come back…


  1. this is the first time i cried while masturbating

  2. This was a pretty good song it may sound dumb but i think you really care about cs:go and this song was to say it was almost like your family

  3. Huge thanks to my good friend slacky for helping me finish this- I was stuck on this video for a long time, and without him I wouldn’t have gotten the motivation to finish. Also, slightly smaller thanks to swyrl and Vital for helping find clips and other editing stuff.

  4. Shut up Austin !


  5. Bro I don’t even watch cs:go esports, I prefer smash bros, but this song is amazing. I want to start watching it now if the stories it has are like the story this song told.

  6. Первый На Деревне

    Am i the only one that did notice the shotgun behind shottysteves keyboard..?

  7. The Shot Gun In The Background Tho

  8. it’s 12 o’ clock in germany

  9. I added you on steam are you the real one taht I’m friends with

  10. i quit cs go for overwatch so someone isnt coming back :^)

  11. I think you just need an ice cold ?️epis?????

  12. Do you have to fire shots a nip in every video feelsbadman

  13. Technically KQLY is allowed to come back to the scene, so it invalidated couple lines on your lyrics

  14. What are the chords if I may ask? 🙂

  15. Can someone please tell me the source for 1:10? Please!

  16. more like “Welcome back” you haven’t made a video in a month


  18. hej, what are you furry?
    are you pyrocinycal related

  19. mr pirate chicken

    there is a fucking shotgun in the background

  20. The Bill Cosby Show

    This is way to fucking dramatic for me

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