WEAPONS OF GODS – Why It’s Important To Know Artists

Oh God, those menus!

(Thanks to everyone who tipped off)


  1. I have no idea how Jim chooses these games over the mountains of shit on
    Greenshite. There’s enough content up there for at least a few years worth
    of daily uploads.

  2. The first frame of the vi made me wanna barf.

  3. I’m super early! Give me worthless imaginary internet points!!

  4. That map is from the Asset store 🙂
    Don’t remember what it was called, but I believe it’s free (or it was a
    demo of it). Downloaded it myself once about 2 years ago to take a look at

  5. The only weapon of the only god is Jims giant erect penis.

  6. Jim have you ever or do you ever plan to make a video game?

  7. Gotta love the video suggestions. “The secret Weapons of Satan” by
    Loveletters from Jesus.

  8. Seems like this is a good time to play Spot the Asset…

  9. RockBandAddict666

    You know a game is shit when it uses fucking Arial as the font!

  10. Jim… is it true that Gods thank people for you?

  11. In case anyone cared, the thumbnail is binary ASCII encodings for “This is
    the thumbnail.” over and over. There isn’t even a space after the period.

  12. oh what the actual fuck is this…
    Jim, on behalf of everyone here, I’d like to thank you for what you’re
    doing. Going into the depths of Greenlight and Early Access and dragging up
    shit like this must be no easy task, but trying to send a message is
    important. Never stop.

  13. Dr Rainbows the Unicorn

    My favourite menu element is:


    What is that meant to be, the initials of the people you stole assets from?

  14. Holy crap I thought that main menu was bad, then I got an eye-full
    of…whatever the fuck that other screen was supposed to be. Did they
    literally make that with MS Paint in 5 minutes and somehow think “yeah
    that’s fine” for use in a game?

  15. Was that the Alpha trailer of the Alpha build…. 1.0?

  16. Don’t you see you little heretics? This game’s title is symbolism of the
    fact that “Best of Steam Greenlight Trailers” being a weapon of God. As
    such, we shall thank god for Jim fucking Sterling son!

  17. All of these assets are FREE on the asset store, they didn’t even buy them

  18. Not a fan of the ‘Microsoft Paint’ aesthetic I see.

  19. The first comment: “the Story seems interesting”… … … What Story?

  20. Steam Greenlight everybody! Aren’t we lucky we got such a high quality

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