We Throw a Cucco into Death Mountain (Zelda: BotW)

Thought you couldn't kill cuccos? Think again.

They call it for a reason. Since Link to the Past and Ocarina of Time, we've wished we could kill those pesky cuccos. We geared up in Breath of the Wild, and made the trek to the Death Mountain volcano to finally do in one of those chickens once and for all.

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out with us…


  1. They call it Death Mountain for a reason.

  2. I’m going to McDonald’s, y’all want anything?

  3. Cuccos are the One Ring confirmed.

  4. not sure why I was expecting an explosion of flaming angry cucoos to come bursting out from the lava pit like flaming hellchickens, but that was still fun to watch.

  5. What if the Cucco is right in the bottom of the lava pit?…. Unharmed…

  6. They did the undoable in Zelda … actually killing the chicken … I salute to you guys

  7. To be honest, what did you expect. You think someone at Nintendo was like:

    Holy crap! What if someone grabs a Cuccoo, runs all across the map over to death Mountain, passing multiple enemies, including a guardian, only to throw it into the Lava!

  8. (Achievement unlocks)
    (Finally we kill that F***ing chicken)

    Ali: Ours dream come true :’) Thank You

  9. im not gonna lie i was half expecting it to burst out of the Lava as a giant lava Cucco

  10. someone should make this a speed run on getting the cucco in death mountion

  11. sagely Demonologist

    Death Mountain: the only thing more powerful than a Cucco.

  12. Internet Explorer

    this is what happening when you already defeat final boss and got nothing shit to do

  13. when the cucco got thrown to the lava

    Cucco:i thougt we have connection ……

  14. I motion this be put into the important videos playlist,
    any seconds?

  15. “Link you are the light that must shine upon Hyrule once ag-”
    “Hold on Zelda. I need to get revenge.”

  16. Fried Cucco Anyone?

  17. Froglord of Destiny

    Seven Cuccos for the Goron-lords in their halls of stone,

    Nine Cuccos for Mortal Hylians doomed to die,

    One Cucco for the Gerudo Lord on his dark throne

    In the Land of Hyrule where the Cuccos lie.

    One Cucco to rule them all, One Link to find them,

    One Link to bring them all and in the darkness bind them

    In the Land of Hyrule where the Cuccos lie.”

  18. Expect an update that fixes this anticlimax

  19. What do Cuccos and The One Ring have in common?
    The only way to kill them is tossing them into an active volcano. 😀

  20. Oh….. My……. Cucco!
    You…. You killed a Cucco? You killed a Cucco!! Guys! They did the impossible!! They killed a Cucco!!

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