We Ruined Garry’s Mod Forever

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Friends in the Video:

🎵 Outro song by SpacemanChaos:

#gartenofbanban2 #gmod #garrysmod #h20delirious


  1. Like the video to save a Delirious

  2. Datreallyhurtedmetho

    Normal Mr. X definitely won, look at those moves

  3. yessssss yesssss finally you guys are back playing gmod thank you thank you man

  4. Don’t tell me you’re turning into those “family friendly” videos

  5. Keep up the good work and god blessed you and you will get to heaven in paradise when we get older God blessed all people and you too

  6. Yes more Gmod I love your Gmod video’s Delirious they make me laugh.

  7. Remember when delirious use to upload horror games

  8. You should do Friday the 13th next

  9. triple threat with the Mr. Xs would have been neat

  10. Great video man honestly

  11. No re4 walkthrough delirious? 🙁

  12. Does anyone think the song Dancing, sound like delirious?

  13. I remember seeing @H20Delirious xbox user and adding him.

  14. Keep up the fantastic work

  15. Play time co

  16. We want friday the 13 content backkkk!!!!

  17. its sheriff toadster that brown one
    and its exe

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