We Played the HOT POTATO MOD on Golf Gang!

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#H2ODelirious #GolfGang #Funny


  1. Love, Love….LOVE the Golf games. Delirious reactions in them are hilarious. :_Popcorn::_Popcorn::_Baby3::_Baby3:

  2. It’s genuinely nice to see another collaboration video between Delirious, Toonz, Rilla & Squirrel even though it’s during a game that makes all of them go insane b/c of how frustrating it is haha.

  3. Golflirious back at it again! 🤘💙

  4. You are enough.

  5. Your smile is contagious.

  6. Another video form the legend delirious himself

  7. Toonz is the literal hot head when it comes to this game and I love it

  8. Loved it always a great time with you and the guys

  9. I like how delirious is running on the clock because of babylyrious

  10. You should play We Were Here Forever with squirrel since you played the first 3 games together

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