We Found A New Fighting Game | Punch A Bunch

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Friends in Video:

Outtro song: By SpacemanChaos: https://apple.co/3K67gpC
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  1. I have been watching him for 6+ yrs and he was always been on top/ popular and now it’s sad to see him fall off me myself stopped watching but now i just decided to see what was up and i will always support delirious, keep up the hard work it’s just a little sad that you fell off

  2. Bro you should play mw2 pls

  3. 9:18 H20 sounds different for a sec

  4. *my name is the gaming samurai and I am trying to fix YouTube and h20 if u read this I have thousands of ideas to he!p u VAnoss cuz every day I wanted to be just like and I am I make funny and good content so pls help me make the world a little bit more delirious*

  5. I’ve been watching the developer’s devlogs for awhile now. So cool that you’re playing it.

  6. punched a bunch indeed

  7. Great to see the homies game being played

  8. I forget sometimes you and toonz actually know each other outside of YouTube

  9. 1:36 Those were called Sock ‘Em Boppers. They were fun as hell.

  10. Been watching all u guys for a while love the content keep it up

  11. I love you bro keep doing good I love your videos been watching before bogey man

  12. @pontypants

  13. Pontypants is very happy right now

  14. When we getting more dead space

  15. I already read the title this way: Punch a beach(I had to replace the swear word thanks to YouTube rules)

  16. Watched all the devlogs of this game feeling happy you enjoying it

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