Way To The Woods Announcement Trailer

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All of the lights will guide you to the woods.
Coming early 2019 to PC and Console.

a video developed by


i just bought the site url http://waytothewoodsgame.com/ and it doesn’t work right now but google tells me that in 72 hours it should be up and running. it just redirects to the tumblr, so you can just click that top link, but it looks so professional… dang i wish i set that up earlier. you thought youd find more info about this game im making in the description? you thought wrong my dude go to the site. i’ll edit this later im so sleepy. edit: nvm it works now


  1. looks absolutely stunning

  2. I’m so excited for this!

  3. Pleeeease tell me it’s coming to the switch aswell

  4. O


  5. Nintendojitsu Triforcelightning

    #NintendoSwitch #TakeMyMoney

  6. D o y o u w a n t s o m e c h e e s e c a k e?

  7. So I read your reddit and your inspirations are: Last of Us, princess mononoke and spirited away, shelter game and maybe in some way the artist Vasili Zorin?

  8. slicedpineapple199

    Great job! I really like the art style of this trailer

  9. Music reminds me a lot of the older legend of Zelda games

  10. i love this so much hhh

  11. If the graphics look like that in-game this could run for the most beautiful game of 2019.

  12. damn what’s the music in this? It’s incredible.The game looks amazing as well.

  13. I lost hope that the game was cancel since I haven’t heard anything about it until now. I can’t wait to play the game. :>

  14. This is amazing if there’s anyway I could help contribute to this pls tell me

  15. Holy shittake mushrooms this looks amazing!!!

  16. if u make a donation page or kickstarter to help make this and possibly for the switch i will support you 100%, it looks beautiful

  17. I’m following this game for sure! I would love to feature it on my YouTube channel when your ready!

  18. Dear deers <3

  19. Incredible! Very impressive considering its only made by 1 guy whos only 18 years old, very inspiring and amazing beautiful work!

  20. Looks awesome can’t wait to play it

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