WATCH PAINT DRY – It’s Like Skyrim With Nothing

Let’s watch paint dry, friends!


  1. Are there any spoilers in this video?

  2. heres more detail on what happened this guy had found a loophole in the
    greenlight process that let you post games without paying the fee or

    he went to go tell valve about it valve shrugged him the fuck off for a
    long time cause their valve :T

    And then he did it to prove a point and valve finally fixed it (and from
    what i heard still pretty shitty about it for awhile)

  3. Thomas G. Aagaard

    think I’ll wait for a sale on this one

  4. Hey Gabe steam is littered with shit! Oh nevermind, thanks for the HL3…
    And so the story goes that nobody ever complained about steams greenlights
    ability to filter shait

  5. Actually, the science of paint drying is very interesting. Maybe an in
    depth simulator of paint drying could be quite cool xD

  6. Memes? Is this memes?

  7. Like Skyrim? LIKE SKYRIM?! Where is my lusty Argonian maid?!

  8. The irony is that this game, through its specific circumstances, actually
    DOES sort of qualify as genuine satire. Even though it is technically
    ripping off a film project with the same subject matter that was made to
    spite the UK film ratings board BBFC.

  9. Im not your friend pal!

  10. So it’s a “Shove Your Finger Up Your Poopshoot” simulator, but without the
    finger or the shoving or the poopshoot.
    10/10 IGN

  11. Atleast its not called paint simulator or something

  12. now with a $49.99 season pass.

  13. Bas van de Kleut

    This was a very needed wakeup call for Valve.

  14. Wait… was the intro “hello you fukky charms?” If a lucky charm gets you

  15. It has GREAT emote though

  16. This looks like one of those Newgrounds games.

  17. I’m disappointed you didn’t mention the similarities to Dark Souls.

  18. So many spoilers in the video

  19. Victor Biancardine

    What’s really shocking, in my view, is that Valve doesn’t offer ANY sort of
    bug bounties for stuff like this. Google pays you a good amount of cash for
    finding weaknesses in their code and telling them about it, so does
    Facebook, so does pretty much every single company on EARTH… yet Valve
    just twiddles its thumbs and pretends its security is just fine as it is.

    And that… is after the clusterfuck that happened in Christmas. How the
    fuck is that even POSSIBLE? Set up some Wanted posters, Valve, set aside
    some money, and give out some bounties. Lord KNOWS you have a shitton of
    money to pay for it! And who knows, maybe you’ll even end up improving the
    end user experience by doing that!

  20. Why GOD! WHYYYYY
    What did Steam users done to be punished with a game like this

  21. whaaat another problem with steam? I cannot believe it kappa

  22. Hope the DLC is at least different colours of paint!

  23. Lets break this game down.

    1. comic sans – The most abused typeface in the history of man due to
    people using it out of it’s intended context constantly
    2. A game over screen from another game – because creating a black
    background with text on it is really difficult
    3. The dialogue and shallow baiting of a 0 budget flash game
    4. The half assedness of buy some terrible shit and I might make an actual
    game maybe (does this even work because I could ask for money for various
    things and say If you buy this boxed turd I might make a real one to pay my
    5. Can we even call this a game? I mean the only thing that get played is

    10/10 game of the year. Better than Silent Hills!

  24. +Jim Sterling why did you such an intensive play-through D:

  25. This is more Dark Souls than Skyrim, but I see your point.

  26. Can’t wait for speedruns

  27. Fallout 4, move over, we’ve a new contender for game of the year, it’s
    classics like this that truly represent humanity’s skill to the craft


  29. Is it locked to 30 FPS? Or is there an option to run this in 60FPS?

  30. 9c300770edca993092e5

    I don’t think this is a valid example of crap getting onto steam. This
    “game” was made to demo a bug in the Steamworks UI. This was not intended
    behavior and that has been fixed as soon as Valve was told about it.

  31. Theres a game that u are good at Jim!

  32. Coming soon micro transactions. 1.99 for red, green, or blue. 2.99 for
    pink, yellow, or orange. Or you can buy the season pass for only 29.99 and
    get brown for free.

  33. Untitledgameshow

    the funny thing this better than some green light “games” That has been

  34. He is a white hat ethical hacker. He did go to Valve to tell them about the
    exploit but they wouldn’t fix it so he forced their hand. I hate when devs
    complain when their shit gets hacked or exploited after they’ve been warned
    it needs fucking fixed.
    This man has done us a service.

  35. Something interesting, the bug was kind of egregious, and Valve aren’t
    paying him any kind of bounty for it, unlike what most other major
    companies would.

  36. Alexander Dinesen

    GOG Galaxy will rule all.

  37. Every click counts…..

  38. I’m a huge fan watching paint dry, so I love this role-playing Steam game.

  39. SubliminalMinstrel

    Steam CEO – “I need a new yacht! Let every piece of crap ever made that
    calls itself a game be posted for my amusement and enrichment! What, a game
    of watching paint dry? Doesn’t that seem a little…satiric? Don’t care, as
    it won’t interfere with my new football team acquisition.”

  40. Hayabusa Ninja Gaming

    who cares ? its another moneygrab for you. Flap your mouth and get that yt
    money cunt.

  41. More content than in certain other games on Greenlight, especially when
    compared to the games of a certain developer. ^^

  42. Dragonslayer Doppelgänger

    IDK Man is my favourite super hero.

  43. I hope that I’m not too late to create “rip off simulator” the joke is that
    it’s not a simulation.

  44. At least it’s got some replay value, and there’s no bugs at all!

  45. Wasn’t this the game a teenager got into Steam without Greenlight or Valve

  46. Come on Jim, even you have to admit that this is better than half of the
    stuff you review in Steam Greenlight.

  47. Pros:
    Can watch paint dry

    Not called Watch Paint Dry Simulator.
    Not enough grammatical mistakes.
    Too much choices


  48. The only thing we can be sure of from this video, is that I could listen to
    Jim talk about anything

  49. what’s more boring than watching paint dry? listening to Jim fix his audio
    for the 50th time. jim, fix your shit and act alittle proffesional.

  50. Actually, it was a bug in their system.

  51. The best game of our generation. It’s incredible how this game plays with
    our emotions, and the gameplay is intriguing and fun. I love it. 10/10.

  52. Just wait for the critically acclaimed sequel, ‘Watching Paint Dry 2: The
    Golden Ultimate Drying Paint Watching Simulator’!

  53. Valve’s new philosophy: “Let the fans do all the work while we take all the
    cash.”…… this is why you don’t allow a single company to control the
    majority of the marketplace, things go to shit and the company doesn’t care
    because they know they have you.

  54. The really REALLY sad thing is that this game is actually somewhat
    entertaining because of the slightly different dialogue branches it has.
    How is it that a game with intentional minimalist effort put into it
    happens to have more entertainment value than someone trying (and failing)
    with 3D models or asset flips? This is some fuck right here, lads.

  55. RIP Bottom of the barrel. Was scraped to death.

  56. The person did inform valve about the exploit and they did nothing about

  57. Such a dry humor.

  58. justinbieberkillsall

    Nice links in the description.

  59. I’m still waiting on the school firstperon shooter.

  60. Triple-Q, amirite?

  61. Urban Bass Movement

    Watch grass grow is a much better game

  62. On one hand, yeah…

    But on the other hand, it finally took something like this for Valve to
    finally get off of its fucking ass and actually control the quality.

    So maybe this game may be a net positive (if it was free). I do want the
    extra Jimquisition though.

  63. Someone must have been very bored.

  64. God damn it where is watch grass grow the game?

  65. Rookie error, of course, is leaving the step ladder up against the painted
    wall. Other than that, a promising title, offering much the same pallet of
    brown as any of the recent COD games.

  66. He leaned the ladder against the wall before the paint is dry? Fucker
    doesn’t even know how to paint a wall.

  67. Looks like EA has some competition.

  68. Roz Stripe - ロズストライプ

    DUDE! SPOILERS! put a warning next time… FFS

  69. No Mature Content

    As valid a social commentary as anything any games journalist has written.

  70. Skyrim was already nothing

  71. still more variety in gameplay than assassins creed

  72. He did tell Valve how he did it.

  73. The card rewards for this game are fucking amazing though.

  74. I’m going to make a shitty RPGmaker game just so I can get 1 dollar from
    Jim Sterling.

  75. Muzzleloader& BPCR Germany

    Lol someone realy made a Paint Dry Simulaor !

  76. Also Jim – would you mind linking the article by this game’s developer in
    the description explaining the game and the loophole he found? It’s a very
    interesting read and I think more people would enjoy seeing it.

  77. I found something interesting last night that although (as far as I know)
    the creator never tried to get it on Steam is actually an example of decent
    satire. If you are familiar with the games on Steam such as Finger Bones
    and Music Machine, on the creator’s blog he has a game called “Indie Horror
    Simulator 2015” available for free. It’s a confessed asset flip, he only
    gave himself an hour to work on it, by his own admission he didn’t correct
    any typos or coding errors, the most effort he put into the graphics was “a
    few seconds with Blender”… and actively trying to make the worst, most
    cliche indie horror game possible, he still made something better than a
    lot of the stuff we see people trying to sell.

    Don’t expect you to do a video on it, but maybe if you have a few moments
    you can check it out since it’s pretty interesting. His blog details the
    process (or lack thereof) of making the game.

  78. This game will be a legend in years too come

  79. Bloody hell, you could have put up a spoiler warning, Jim.

  80. Here’s the short story behind this game:

    A guy found an exploit in Valve’s developer platform that allowed you to
    publish a game on Steam *without* going trough greenlight and *without*
    anyone at valve reviewing or approving the game. After trying to contact
    them about these vulnerabilities and seeing his reports being ignored, he
    decided to make this joke game and publish it to Steam using that exploit.
    Valve finally realized that this was a real issue and fixed the problem,
    and the game was pulled from Steam.

    Here’s the link to the original article if you want to read more:

  81. have we had grass grow sim yet?

  82. 7.8/10 Too much paint- IGN

  83. Wait, don’t leave that stepladder resting against the wall! It’ll leave a

  84. seems like a really good paint dating sim

  85. Stephen Mc Devitt

    How about a Jimquisition looking back two years ago up to now on how Valve
    ruined Steam?

  86. Do you think that they will eventually add multiplayer?

  87. Mephiste Sulfurion

    “maybe if enough people buy this i might actually make a game.”

    WOW… Wow… That is a whole new level of ASSHOLERY. Seriously go fuck a
    landmine, mate.

  88. And I thought RPG Maker couldn’t be used to make worse games than I already
    have seen … *BAM* … this comes along and proves me wrong !

  89. That was genuinely funny for some reason.

  90. Christian Tjarks

    I have seen worse games on this channel

  91. it is good to see that there are honest devs that help steam to fix their
    mistakes but at the same time its sad to see that you have to shove their
    shit right into their face to make them realize that they have to do
    something against it.

  92. wait did steam take it down? Can’t find it on steam. Please don’t tell me
    you need to actually tell them you uploaded a shit game before they
    actively do something about it.

  93. It is terrifying to think that Steam could become a dumping ground for
    titles like this. I mean, I can actually sort of udnerstand EA and Ubisoft
    at this point.. Given the path that Steam is taking, I’d not necessarily
    want to be associated with them a few years from now. I mean, Steam is
    going to become a weird, mutated Newgrounds of gaming, where any old idiot
    can just upload whatever they like, and have “Stickman [racial slur] kills
    all the [LGBT slur] with forks” standing next to “Mass Effect” and
    “Half-Life 2”. :/ It’s a frightening concept, and it’s not going to do
    anything to turn EA around on their own platform.

    Hell, for all it’s fault Origin already has way better customer support
    than Steam.

  94. But… but skyrim is like RPG with nothing.
    How did…

  95. Silly game developers… you don’t rest a ladder against a drying wall.

  96. I think this game should be a contender for a special award at the end of
    the year ;)

  97. At least it didn’t make me motion sick.

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