Warriors All-Stars Review – Nights of Atelier Nioh

, , , and more join forces to smash up some anthro cats because of some reasons.


  1. The lack of English voice acting is fine for games like Yakuza where most of the story happens in cutscenes and takes place in japan but for stuff like this it doesn’t work with so much going on on the screen your going to miss details, jokes or how to beat a gimmick objective.

  2. Nobunyaga? Fucking hell, Japan.

  3. What I learned from this review: If furries are in your game, it’s a bad sign.

  4. Dosbilliam AzureIronskull

    The lack of English voice acting is the main reason I haven’t really played much of Samurai 4-II, along with the short stage lists for each character. Something more like DW5’s story for each character but within each faction would have probably made it less bland. 😛

  5. Gnarrly to the XTREME!

    So basically it is just Warriors Orochi 3 Ultimate, but more characters.

  6. In the same boat as you Jim, I’ve played enough of these now to know dull, lazy waste of time when I see it

  7. This game would’ve been more interesting if they did two things. 1) Coop, self-explanatory. 2) Make a story center around a CAW character.

  8. So the problem is that it’s a dynasty warriors game…wait what? no seriously his problem is that it plays like old dynasty warriors games but from watching the video alone there is enough content here that it is “different” and yet not betraying the fans expectations of…well a dynasty style game, I mean last time I checked I’m going to buy this because it’s a dynasty warriors styled game with unique characters to it, any extra’s like the stuff he showed was just a bonus, now granted I agree that considering the game used such unique characters from such diverse worlds that they could have made it just as unique but to do that without betraying the expectation of a dynasty style game is hard, they would have been better off making it a different title altogether dood.

    The re-used asset thing feel’s…well appropriate, it’s a fan game, I want to see the monsters, characters and worlds they come from, granted I also want to see new levels and monsters too otherwise it is just being lazy, to me looking at this video I am looking forward to buying the game as it add’s just enough that it feel’s like it won’t be a right out boring copy of the other games and my only personal problem is the lack of a dub which does make it hard to know what’s going on dood. (Looking at it alone I would give it a 7 and there are aspect’s I haven’t seen yet to judge if it’s better or worse dood)

  9. I have the sinking feeling that Xbox isn’t gonna get 9.

  10. Didn’t expect my town to be namedropped by Jim Sterling of all people

  11. 1:40 What is this? A Japanese game that doesn’t do the generic ‘comedy’ hot spring scene? How odd (yet also welcome). Unless that’s just because those two had a high enough friendship to not trigger that sort of thing.

  12. This game would have been way better as a Yakuza 0 type game.

  13. the only thing that makes me interested here is the fox girls and boys. Yep, that’s me.

  14. It looks fun but sadly I’m a more DW Empires player just because I can create a character and then do an assassination mission in which Lu Bu is killed by some random vagabond lol.

  15. Hey Jim, you ever thought about the whole sub vs dub thing? Admittedly the conflict is far more prominent with anime, but with a number of games coming over lacking a dub, it might be worthwhile looking at the pros and cons. While I do prefer dubs, I can see a benefit for using a sub, seeing as it allows games that may not be able to afford a dub to come over. Food for thought anyway.

  16. I really wanted to play this game but, Marie Rose.

  17. So… Which is the best Warriors game I could play on PC right now ? (got PS4 as well, but not my prefered platform)

  18. When I buy a PS 4 I shall buy it. It is a Warriors game. What more I need?

  19. I got the game and like it. It is by no way a Tier A game but B perhaps. I enjoyed playing Nights of Azure, demon gal. But no mounts, no free mode, no weapon unlocks, prevent an A rating. The open world was ok. I wish they also added Gutts from Berserk, and Arslan from Arslan warriors, andhis horseman protector.

  20. Hell, I’ll voice act every character in the game! I’m not doing anything next week. Call Tecmo/Koei and tell them I’ll do it for a fifth of Jack and my name in the credits.

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