Warframe – Pretty In Pink (Jimpressions)

As you know, this means Warframe.


  1. Apologies if anything I said in the video was incorrect or insufficiently advised. I tried to make it clear I’m still learning at this stage. I’m looking forward to learning more. It’s been a while since a big name game inspired me to keep playing, rather than turned me off with executive meddling.

  2. Love this game, haven’t got to play in over a year =(

  3. no please more on this game!!! i love it and its a WTF i love it will it work for PC?

  4. tips: saryn’s molt lets you shake off status effects immediately, which is really important. there’s also a mod that heals you when you molt, and it’s fairly easy to get.

  5. let me tell you man , i’ve played that game for a thousand hours and got all the good stuff WITHOUT SPENDING A SINGLE PENNY . I even got 4000+ platinum out of trading and grinding and i don’t even know what more to use them on . All you got to do is grind and trade with other players

  6. Jimmy boi Trinity is bae you should invest in a blind rage and abating link build for her she strips armor 100% with max blind rage and intensify creating this healer that can attack enemies true hp killing them faster with any gun or sword she will scale better then any damage warframe I love her

  7. Hey finally, he got around to playing Warframe.
    Doesn’t that his heart with pride and accomplishment?

  8. The green and purple character reminds me of those creature baking toys from the 90’s. The ones where you pour goop into a mould of an insect on a metal tray and then put it into a light-bulb heated oven to make gummy bugs. I even had one to make gummy candy.
    We need a warframe version.

  9. I’ve been excited for this one

  10. I see Jim has already discovered Fashionframe. He’s learned everything there is to know about Warframe then.

  11. Jim, when you do your full episode on it, make sure you talk about the player economy! The premium currency is trade-able, which is something most F2P games do not allow. This has many benefits, for one, players will always sell things cheaper than the game’s marketplace, and competition constantly drives prices down, so you can get weapons and warframes, even top tier prime ones, for a mere fraction of what they cost in the game’s marketplace. The game has the relic system which makes it easy to obtain items worth trading for premium currency. Once you get further into the end-game, you start getting riven mods, and a good riven mod can sell from $10 to $50 worth of the premium currency. This makes WF one of the most capitalistic games I’ve ever played, but I mean that in a good way.

  12. played this for a little while. I only saw the initial 3 wartframes you can use. Also, unsure about colours or other gear as at least the colours didn’t show the price and other than paying real money, I don’t think you can get the currency to unlock anything.

  13. Fashionframe is true endgame.

  14. Why does everyone hate on DarkSector? It wasn’t a bad game, sure it wasn’t great but it wasn’t bad.

  15. A note that is worth mentioning is that it is possible to get the premium currency for free by trading with other players, warframe has its own self sustained economy that allows a person to ay the game without ever paying a cent (though hopefully a person would consider throwing a few dollars to DE after having played the game for several days)

  16. Warframe is 90% PVE, if it has pay to win elements, it’s gonna benefit you and your squad. Nobody’s disadvantaged by one player having OP frames or weapons.

    Though I will say, the microtransactions are not shoved in your face. I spent $50 on a $200 platinum pack with a 75% off coupon given to me by the game and I’ve not felt like I need to spend another cent.

  17. Gotta collect them all ?

  18. David Somoza Domenech

    I despise Warframe with all my heart, but if you enjoy it, more power to you.

  19. Glad to see you’ve joined us again, Jim. 🙂

    If you’re into flamboyance, I’d recommend you pick up the new warfans, the gunsen. The weapon art is VERY pretty, and there’s a hint of sass to it that you would probably appreciate.

  20. For those wondering about Pay to Win: The best weapons and mods literally cannot be bought in the ingame shop. (Though they can be traded for on the market from other players who have themselves invested the time and effort into getting them.) All items are obtainable through gameplay. Many of the frames in particular have a quest you need to play through to get them.

    That is why most people think that Warframe is a game that has microtransactions done right.

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