Warframe Devs Shame ‘AAA’ Industry, Actually Ask Players What They Want

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has its lovers and its detractors, but whatever you think, one has to be at least a little impressed at how open they are with their .

I challenged Digital Extremes to live up to its word and do right by its . Not only was that challenge met, it has shamed the “” world… at least in my opinion.


  1. Diego Antonio Rosario Palomino

    waiting for extra credits response about how warframe devs are stupid and irresponsible

  2. Jim is the name whispered by AAA devs in their darkest momemts

  3. What a world we live in where a developer asking what the players want is groundbreaking in terms of customer service.

  4. Warframe wasn’t for me but … damn I wanna give them my money.

  5. years of community outcry, not a peep, big youtuber makes some bad pr? INSTANT FIX. why are we applauding this again? oh well. next can you make a video about the indefinite open beta status going on 5 years?

  6. Zero dislikes, this is a brief moment to be cherished. It also shows just how much people like these guys and what they’re doing.

    Keep up the good work Jim and you too Digital Extremes, thank god for you.

    Well that was nice while it lasted.

  7. “I can’t pronounce it!”

    Then Jim, you don’t make The Bar.

    The Bar are SUCH A GOOD TAG TEAM

  8. wait… a game developer? asking us, the plebian credit card pushing masses? what /we/ want?

    “this will not end well…” – EA executives

  9. They only said something because you have a louder voice than the rest of the community Jim Sterling.

  10. J Riibz Model Prime

    I feel bad for not playing Warframe 🙁

  11. All right. You got me.
    I’ll download bloody Warframe then.
    Who knew hearing about a game company doing multiple good things for its customers and respecting its playerbase would make people want to play said game?
    Clearly not the AAA industry, that’s who.

  12. Diego Antonio Rosario Palomino

    Dont forget to talk about the Monster Hunter’s director response to why microtransactions are a detriment , in your upcoming video about games based around care for the customer

  13. *gasp* NANI

  14. Warframe will be making money forever since they foster consumer goodwill keeping people playing and paying.
    On the other hand the AAA cash grabs will only net short term profits and will cost them long term.
    Not being a greedy shit makes more long term business sense a constant stream of money is lot better than a short term windfall.

  15. In The Mind of Kibara

    Wow, Warframe is just getting more and more enticing

  16. The DE Team are lead by gamers, they know what they should and shouldn`t do.

  17. I don’t and probably won’t ever play Warframe but this company has my respect… and its not just because of the cool Hellsing-like jacket of the lady in the middle.

  18. @Jim Sterling , you know how to forma/polarize? You are already ahead of most of the minor internet celebs that stumble into the game. Those that think that the first lv 30 is the end for a piece of gear. Thank you for trying to learn the game and do it justice. Thank you for trying to finish Second Dream. From those that love Warframe, thank you for appreciating it as it is, for the good, the bad, the ugly, not a lop sided ignorant view. Thank you for bringing about positive change. Thank god for Jim fucking Sterling Son.

  19. pLaYaH cHoIcE, tRiPlE AYYYY.

    You’ve ruined my ability to read Jim. Thank God for you.

  20. Psssst.. Hey Jim, if you really are enjoying that Nyx Prime of yours I highly recommend you get the Assimilate mod for her, it makes her nearly invulnerable when using it

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