Walmart Removes Violent Videogame Ads And Demos In Toothless Display Of Nonsense

Following concerted efforts by Republicans to blame videogames for America’s unique mass shooting epidemic, Walmart has charged employees with the removal of displays, demos, and signs for “violent” videogames.

While movie and hunting footage are also targeted, videogames are the main issue. It’s a toothless and pointless charade, designed to help the recent political distraction campaign to deflect blame away from any of the common threads between these shootings.

Walmart’s effectively aiding cowardly propaganda.


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  1. But treating their employees like dirt (oh and underpaid dirt at that) is all good! BUT OH VIDEO GAMES ARE SO BAD! Naughty naughty!

  2. I just love video games

    Remove violent video games, but removing the guns? Naaaaaah, because we all know it was the video games that shot those people.

  3. So not only are we at war with loot boxes, we’re also at war with anti violence and walmart?!

    Bring it on.

  4. Aw shit, here we go again…

    (History really does repeat itself doesnt it?)

  5. You know Jack Thompson is fully tented right now

  6. Just Some Guy without a Mustache

    Walmart: “Hey, we can’t show any violent video game ads because it might cause a mass shooting”

    Also Walmart: “Hey, how many guns did we sell today?”

    *Idiocy 100*

  7. Hello scape goat my old friend… I’ve come to blame you againnn.

  8. This here.
    This is Peak America.
    Joke and Reality all at once.

  9. “We at Walmart have decided to pull any Video Game ads that have any aggressive material in them…

    …meanwhile why don’t you buy one of our most deadliest guns! Half price! What a deal!”

  10. I 100% know first-hand, that violent video games can provide very cathartic, safe outlets for angry people.

  11. Walmart: “Ok guys, Gonna need some of you to take down any signage we have that shows violence in video games or anything of the such”

    Also Walmart: “Hey guys, If you get injured on the clock don’t report it, also if you do and we have to report it we will knock your hours down to 1 hour a week so you can’t afford anything and you starve and become homeless”.

    Sounds about right.

  12. Walmart won’t get anymore of my money.

    Don’t tell anyone I never went to Walmart anyways.

  13. “We have to stop gun violence! Let’s do that by removing videogames. Sure we might take a hit to our income from that, but i’m sure we can just sell more guns to even that out!”

  14. Walmart : We did it Guys ! violence is no MORE !

  15. Any time a politician blames videogames they might as well be yelling “LOOK A DISTRACTION!!”

  16. This is like when they only sold censored versions of Explicit Content Advisory music albums.

  17. Walmart employee: Put that violent videogame down! **pulls out shotgun**

  18. In all fairness, I’m pretty sure John Wick could kill a LOT of people with a John Wick DVD.

  19. “Video games dehumanize people”

    No, no they do not. Dehumanizing people would be something along the lines of putting them in camps based on their skin color.

  20. Oh shotguns? Aisle 15, by fishing.

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