VR Is King, Resident Evil Is For Cowards, Nintendo Will Be BROKEN! (Commentocracy)

Be silenced, you! As the first run of wraps up, Duke du H’ardcore provides a selection of arguments from True Gamers around the Internet.


  1. We need more bloopers of the Commentocracy. Also, it’s funny how some PC gamers on a random forum don’t get the irony of mocking you mocking them. It’s like a mockception that just won’t end.

  2. You should read EA’s Reddit thread about microtransactions in Battlefront II in Duke Amiel’s voice

  3. Optimus Princeps Bob Boblington

    My Lord, the peasants are revolting. They think 30fps is a reasonable minimum framerate rather than the 120fps you ordained by edict. They also think Fallout 4 was a proper RPG, which is an insult to the kingdom. Should I summon the legions to march on House Sony?

  4. These people sound even more pretentious when you repeat their mindless incoherent bullshit, Jim. It’s delicious.

  5. Couldn’t stand to watch more than 15 seconds.

  6. Jim: We made you CUM
    Me: o.o
    Jim: …THIS far, Nintendo!
    Me: ._.

  7. I think this is funny.
    I think this is very funny.

  8. “We made you come”





  9. I love the people going “Nintendo is falling apart, hahaha” when really, if there’s a AAA market crash, which might very well happen if the current trend of overly-monetized crap keeps going, Nintendo will likely be one of the companies in the best position to weather the crash as their games are consistently good. On the other hand, Microsoft and Sony might just wash their hands of gaming entirely, since they have other divisions, (Windows, TVs, etc) if/when the EAs of the world crash and burn.

  10. Sir Teddington is my fursona.

  11. 1:16 Lmao xD

  12. “VR Enthusiast” sounds more like “I sold my car for VR tech and now I need to justify my purchase”

  13. The funniest part is the guy who thinks the things being mocked here are “actually good arguments”. Honestly. Those 3 words make the best joke I ever heard.

  14. 2:47 – Love the editing there.

  15. No, no I don’t agree that this is overkill. I love these Commentocracys and would watch every last one even if you pumped these out daily.


  17. Oni Mauricio Zamora

    “… And there’s no need for a demo… ”

    Yes… let me download a 14 GB game at 384 kB/s during a couple of days, leaving anyone else in my house out of bandwith. Just to not really like it and refund it BEFORE I hit the 2 hour mark.

  18. Cala Maria Wants To Blow You!

    9 minute long Commentocracy?

    *Unzips pants* Time to le

  19. “You’re not wrong, you’re just an asshole!” The slogan of the PC master race.

  20. MeowAlien にゃあエイリアン

    I see, so this is Jim’s Persona huh, nice

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