Void Bastards – The Most British Intergalactic Roguelike FPS Ever (Jimpressions)

Void Bastards has a great name, a great look, and often great gameplay… when it’s not being really annoying.

For the most part it’s fun and rewarding, and the British accents are employed to great effect. But when it tries to screw with the player, it really bloody screws.


  1. the game is amazing jim, thanks for talking about it. also very hard.

  2. “The toaster can be fired through windows”

    Wait, what?

  3. not going to lie, when i first heard the little enemies i thought you had provided voice acting for it.

  4. I’ve been so hooked on this game it’s pissing me off I want to play other stuff but I can’t!

    Edit: damn I watched your video and now I just want to play it more…

  5. Hold the phone.. XIII is being remastered?
    I liked that game. Didn’t think it was popular enough to be remembered. Let alone remastered.

  6. Comic book style is possibly the only graphical style that doesn’t age.

  7. The art style of this game is truly exquisite.

  8. This looks like “Space Beast Terror Fright.”
    That game’s fun. Controls are a bit wank but it’s alright.

  9. Totally reminds me about the game “WASTED”.

  10. Note for PC users: Vsync is an option that removes tearing Jim mentions. Runs beautifully in 4k too (GTX 1060)

  11. Void Bastards

    “Ya never know what ya might gonna get.” – Jim Sterling

  12. Still waiting on a new edition of Commentocracy, Jimmy Boi.

  13. +For once – i’m playing something before Jim
    +If you get a negative trait, go seek out a “Therapy” ship, they have gene therapy that can remove negative traits or add positive ones, or exchange traits.

  14. When I first heard “Void Bastards” I thought “Is that a new Warframe update?”

  15. This is one of the games I would’ve loved to see TB react to.

  16. Honestly I was sold when I heard the narrator from The Stanley Parable in this game. That voice heals my soul.

  17. Holy smokes! I would buy the game just for the visuals.


    Ridiculous!! amoral companies! How do you come up with it 😂😂

  19. This looks alot like borderlands mixed with old marvel comics.

  20. I played Everybody’s Gone To The Rapture recent. Void Bastards would be a good name for that game.

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