Violence In Videogames, Wankers In The White House (The Jimquisition)

Videogames, classic political scapegoat of the 1990s and early 2000s, is back in the spotlight as Trump’s bewildered administration resurrects an old blame game.

And a game is what it is. A rigged circus game designed only to entertain and placate the masses. The “violence in videogames” debate is a vapid waste of time, and the time wasters know it.


  1. The American right wing: Guns don’t cause mass shootings, mentally ill people and violent video games do

    Also the American right wing: we must slash the mental health service to death

  2. Trump is just jealous that gamers who played games like Minecraft have been more successful at building walls then he could ever do.

  3. I’ve played too much Warframe, now I’m crossdressing as several robo ninjas and spend hours even days with painting myself in the right color.
    Also sometimes there’s this strange dude in black and red, who’s invading my house and trying to kill me.

  4. Mass shootings happen in America alot but nowhere else.

    Video games are played world wide.


  5. I really don’t get why they kept using footage from games like Battlefield & Call of Duty*, especially that scene where US Soldiers where being tortured by the Soviets. It’s violent, sure, but your average mass shooter isn’t torturing people, or shooting soldiers. If anything, what they’re doing is closer to something from Hitman**.

    *I believe they just went with the only games they’d heard about. Which all happened to be generic military shooting games circa 2007-2012.

  6. It’s ironic they try to hold the moral ground of killing people. While the government tortures and kills people.

  7. I played the Witcher 3, now I’m a genetically altered freak.

    I mean, I was before I played it, but…

  8. I blame Minecraft for me breaking my hand while punching trees.

  9. Christian Neihart

    To quote the Yahtzee:

    “One lovely afternoon,
    Some guy shot up a greasy spoon.
    They found by searching through his room,
    That he made custom maps for DOOM.
    A spokesman for the NRA
    Said that things just can’t go on this way
    Let’s ban books, pictures, film, and violent video games, and go back to being sane. “

  10. I mean Trump is basically attacking at least 1/4 of the people who got him into office in the first place, it must be really hard to support him now. Even my parents who were die-hard Trump supporters in the election make fun of him now.

  11. This may be your best video of the past 6 months

  12. Corrupt US politicians getting paid by the NRA want to do nothing about mass shootings, nothing except blame somebody/anybody else.

  13. That news media montage was actually horribly disturbing…

    I’ve played Spec Ops: The Line where I
    *[SPOILER SPOILER SPOILER]* personally burn civilians with white phosphorous *[END OF SPOILER]*
    and yet watching that montage disturbed me so much more…

  14. ♀¨•♠ö║í±☻~

    How appropriate that the self-proclaimed “Most Armed Man in America” sounds just like Elmer Fudd.

  15. Last time I checked we don’t train our military with video games.

    But we DO train cops with footage of news reports.

  16. Distant Rap music

    It’s ironic that they chose Call of Duty. The violence presented in COD is an over the top, safer, cleaner representation of the actual real world violence the US government has inflicted on real people.

  17. Rock n Roll causes kids to shoot up schools!

    No wait… I’m confusing something with the last millennium.


  19. Enthused Norseman

    Bit of an aside, but remember when they accused Mass Effect of being porn because it contained a sex scene at the end?

  20. This is totally unrelated to the video, but:

    Since you posted a random picture from Spooks of Bottle Bay on your Twitter a couple of days ago, I thought I’d point out how there’s a scene from the first episode where the female villain dramatically turns towards the screen and goes “Money!?”. And if that isn’t the perfect clip to edit into Jimquisition episodes where you mention corporate fat cats wanting all the money, I dunno what is 😛

    It’s at 1:29 of this video

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