VIDEO GAME STUNT TRIBUTE – (Assassin’s Creed + Metal Gear + Witcher + Uncharted + God of War)

7 stuntmen pay tribute to their favorite video games. These stunt performers recreate the combat styles of 5 popular video games, including:
Assassin’s Creed, Metal Gear Solid, The Witcher, Uncharted, and God of .

Featuring Ben Aycrigg, Matt Scheib, Alex Hashioka, Tang Nguyen, Billy Bussy, Kevin Kem, and Joshua Mueller.

VFX by Kevin Kem

Filmed at Atlanta Judo Midtown


  1. Wow this is so epic.

  2. flamingbunnyrabbits

    This is really fantastic!

  3. Awesome video !!!

  4. This needs to go viral right now. It’s amazing!
    (Metal gear made me tear up a bit <3)

  5. Fantastic!

  6. Wow I cant say anything this is amazing Brother. Dude I need a new full feature series from you again.

  7. Pretty good

  8. This is awesome! Looking forward to the next part!!

  9. Arbiter-nine-oh-two

    That was dope. More Witcher sword style please. Or a weird Dark Souls segment.

  10. Genuinely very impressive. Very well done and great use of music too.

  11. Uncharted Gods of War <3

  12. that was epic!!!

  13. Here. Take a thumbs up. Way too underrated.

  14. Made my day!

  15. ME FASCINAN estos trabajos jaja pura creatividad x

  16. I seen a link to this on gameinformer. This is amazing! Earned a subscriber just so I can see the continuation. If I can suggest one, maybe Joel from TLOU or Bats from the arkham games. I love the flow and change of music!

  17. The “kept you waiting, huh?” was awesome.

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