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Friends in the Video:

🎵 Outro song by SpacemanChaos:

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  1. whoever is editing these vids are missing out on other moments. especially anticipating moments i’ve seen from the others perspective that isn’t shown here.

  2. Good vid man

  3. haha love you delirious

  4. Kyle Justiniano


  5. Get on bro

  6. 1:41 Oh my god, you guys are so much faster than me.!

    My high ass: Haha.. They gave Delirious a handicap

  7. Hey delirious big fan of you, but can you tell me what controller do you use. By the way love your videos sepcially you dead by daylight and modern warfare videos.❤❤❤

  8. He don’t seem sober

  9. 🤍❤️💙

  10. yourtypicalnolo

    Hey delirious, I wanted to ask you a question, what’s your favourite youtuber besides anyone in the Vanoss crew. Pls answer

  11. Kemur Duh Lemur

    Loseruigi lmao

  12. Another great GTA video.
    Although, been playing GTA 5 for years and didn’t know they had jet wash in it lol

  13. Ik for a fact delirious isn’t modding on his actual account

  14. Aw man what happened to his channel he fell off

  15. Hopefully this is a new video cuz it’s been a long time since I seen them together in Grand Theft Auto

  16. love the vid h20 kepp it up

  17. It’s been seven years since he started Ben and ed😢

  18. I cant believe they didnt recreate the classic GTA line from back in 2013 “theres a power ranger fighting a ninja turtle. and hes kicking ass!”

  19. Harold and Kumar

  20. K guys I need to be stoned to watch this

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