Valve Has Changed

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Let’s Play Half Life 2 Episode 2 – Part 13 – The End…


  1. Portal 2 is my favorite game of ALL TIME.

    If they give me Portal 3 on Nintendo Switch, THEY CAN HAVE ALL MY MONEY.


  3. Booyah :’(


  5. A F U C K I N G C A R D G A M E

  6. Elephant of Destiny

    Booyah bay-be.

  7. A cheetah covered in butter would just stop and begin cleaning itself. Really easy to catch. Just saying.

    Also, Booyah

  8. I think what I miss most these days are those games that really (and I mean REALLY) take you to a different reality. This video focused on valve but let me just throw in Halo too since that seems like a nice freebee. Aside from books, nothing has ever grown with me as a person as much as Halo and the valve games. I miss those moments where you see something in a game that really takes you back. Not to last night when you beat the first half of the series in 6 hours, but to a time perhaps 2 or 3 years old. When I got halo 2 with my dad and I saw the cut scene where the first halo ring blows up as a flashback, I really felt the passage of time in my own life. Waiting 3 years for halo 2 was AMAZING despite what you may think if you look back. Games that really stuck to their stories and provided dependable and emotional connections across real and significant amounts of time in REAL LIFE. I feel like this nuance has been lost somewhere.

    These days the only game that comes to mind that embodies this feeling I’m describing is Kingdom Hearts III. Fans have been waiting years in real time for a great story to continue. Assuming you haven’t been locked in a basement replaying the old games over and over, any references and callbacks, any plot elements from other games are gonna have HUGE emotional impact and satisfying results. Why? Because the games’ story has been artfully crafted for YEARS. Every time I look up new games all I see are one and done indie titles. This isn’t bad but I just want someone to release a game with the same passion and potential for years of development as the days long gone. Not with plans for DLC but with plans for true character and world building. For true lore expansion.

    I wan’t to get lost again. I want to leave Cortana on high charity and get the chance to save her two years later in real time AGAIN. And I want to actually care again.

  9. Alexander Simanovsky

    No shit it changed. They barely make games at all.

  10. nice SADWORLD shirt

  11. Half-Life 3 will not exist so long as Steam does. Same goes for WC IV never existing so long as WoW does.

  12. booyah.

    its lower case because of the somber situation

  13. Need a gif about this 2:59

  14. Holy shit, this video is well made and so true. Valve is just a shell of what it used to be.

  15. Jakey could seriously upload anything and I would watch it

  16. New to the channel, why this dude sitting on a ball?

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