A Valley without Wind achievement hunting

For this achievement hunter Monday we’ll be looking at A Valley without Wind.

Most achievements in this game are self explanatory and can be unlocked normal play, but there are some that might need some explanation.

First there are the many Collect a Legendary X enchant achievements. These are random drops based on the current world level. There’s no big secret, you just have to keep clearing continents with the world level increasing each you kill lieutenants and overlords. These achievements are the hardest in AVWW because even after a dozen continents the drop rate is still insanely low. People end up searching for help because these achieves seem broken and actually, of them is. Elven Boots were added in patch 1.1 but the legendary achievement for them does not trigger.

Second and much more complicated is the achievement This Is Getting RidiculousBuild a settlement up to 30 bonus structures. What makes this complicated is the series of ‘unlockables’ you must perform in order to gain access to additional bonus structures. For instance, reaching continent 4 unlocks 7 bonus structures that can now be found as rewards by completing future missions.

avww unlocks

For other buildings to be unlocked, you’ll have to do other unlocks first, such as kill X number of creature Y. There’s plenty to unlock, so check your progress in game by using ESC -> Planning -> Big Honkin’ Encyclopedia -> Unlockables Digest. This is the key to unlocking all 30 buildings and will take some planning, and is absolutely necessary to getting the This Is Getting Ridiculous achivement.

avww unlocksavww unlocks

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